X-Mirage – record your iOS apps and games in action

On November 18, 2013


I’ve been waiting for an application like this to come by for quite some time. X-Mirage is an amazing piece of software that allows iOS devices to be mirrored on your Mac. Prior to this, I had to rely on jailbreaks or other shady third party applications to carry out this task.

The main selling point that got me sold on X-Mirage was convenience. Whenever I wanted to record or even just stream my iPhone’s content onto the larger screen of my Mac, I had to contend with a whole slew of complicated steps that more often than not resulted in less than satisfactory results. With X-Mirage, all I had to do was install it on my Mac, then hit a few taps on my iPhone and I was good to go.


I was pleasantly surprised to find that streaming was very smooth, much unlike the choppy footage I got from the more troublesome methods. I was also pleased to find out I could stream from simultaneously from multiple devices, which gave me great ideas for a presentation I had to do a few days ago.

I guess the only legitimately downside and gripe I have about X-Mirage was the inability to control my device through my Mac. It would have been nice if I would literally click, or at least use my mouse to somehow simulate touches and taps on my phone. Seems a little ironic to have my screen projected on my Mac, but yet I was still relegated to navigating the small iPhone screen to get my work done.


As of now, X-Mirage is only available for the Mac. But fret not Windows users, as a Windows version is currently in the works.

You can download X-Mirage from here.