Yahoo releases update for its official iOS news app

On July 2, 2013


A refreshed interface, improved sharing, and sponsored stories are among the features Yahoo has added to its official news app for iOS devices.

The Yahoo! app update makes it easier to navigate on iPhone and iPod touch due to a refreshed interface. It also comes with multi-tap gestures capability to further ease app navigation, as well as improved integration with the company’s Mail service.

Users of the application will now be getting improved web search accessibility options and new, more simplified content sharing functionality. They will also be seeing more visuals. Yahoo’s monetization approach for its major iPhone app can be seen in the “sponsored stories” feature that is included in the stream.

The Yahoo iPhone app is the most interesting, as it has utilized Summly technology. The application comes with story summaries facilitated by Summly integration, working to deliver a personalized story platform. It assesses the content the user has accessed in the app and read in the past and then provides stories that are interest based.

Yahoo! app is available for free on the App Store.