Yeah! I Got My Apps Back… But Wait There’s More!

On July 12, 2008

My experience spending hours restoring my iPhone twice and then reloading my applications on to my iPhone earlier today should have left me wanting to step back and just enjoy my device for a bit. I’m not the only one. I had been speaking to my buddy Patrick from JustAnotheriPhoneBlog and we were both saying the same thing- we’ve been so busy setting up our devices and making notes on the experience that we haven’t really had a chance to play.

So that’s exactly what I was going to do… just USE the device for a bit. Then I noticed that the 2.0 Firmware upgrade was released for the iPod Touch and I couldn’t leave well enough alone.

I decided to go for it.

I set up my iPod Touch. It took a while but  the process was simple and went smoothly. I then spent some time setting it up to work with Mobile Me, Apple’s replacement for .Mac. (It is awesome to get my information pushed to me in real time.)

Maybe I should have left well enough alone, but I decided to see what would happen if I were to attempt to purchase the same apps that were already bought for my iPhone.










I went to Omni Focus in the App Store and clicked the "Buy" button again. I figured, the worst case scenario was that I would buy it again $19.99.

Amazingly, I received the same message I had gotten on the iPhone when I previously tried to reload them-

"You have previously purchased this item. To download it again for free, select OK."

I selected OK and, seconds later, OmniFocus was on my Touch.

Of course this only works if the two devices are on the same iTunes account.