You can win 30 USD with SavedPlus while you save a lot of money

On July 9, 2013

Get SavedPlus today!

Seriously! This is one of our best deals ever, because not only you can use the awesome SavedPlus app to increase your savings, you can also win 30 dollars, straight to your checking account by doing so.

In case you have not read the full review of SavedPlus (why haven’t you? Do it!,) it is an innovative app to make you save money without even thinking. How does it work? In some sense it acts as a persistent accountant that follows you around and each time you buy something picks a percentage of the purchase and puts it away as savings. So, if you buy 100$ in groceries, and have set a 10% savings setting, 10$ will go to your savings account. Easy and neat, isn’t it?

SavedPlus is free, and you can download it from iTunes here.

To enter the giveaway you have to be able to use SavedPlus, thus you need a checking and a savings account with a US-based bank and you need to configure SavedPlus with your savings and checking accounts. You get extra entries each time you tweet about this giveaway, and you can do the tweeting once a day. More ways to win! Finally, to be one of the winners you have to write a review of SavedPlus in iTunes. To enter the giveaway, give your details below!

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