In Your Face mobile iPhone holder – Review

On September 23, 2010

When you are always on the go the mobility of the iPhone is great for getting things done. In the case of blogging, the iPhone can offer a decent solution for an ultra mobile work environment. In my article "Mobile Blogging" I talk about using the iPhone with a Bluetooth keyboard to flesh out reviews and articles. The only down side to using a keyboard is that you have to find somewhere to put your iPhone that will still position it where you can see the screen. There are many DIY solutions for this, but they are far from perfect. Today we will look at an interesting product from In Your Face LLC called In Your Face flexible holder and see if it has what it takes to earn a precious spot in my bag.

At its essence, the In Your Face is a fairly simple iPhone stand with a clamp at the end to attach the device to any flat surface edge. The Neck of the stand is a flexible gooseneck tube that comes to an end with a padded clamp that securely holds any of the iPhones, even with a case on them. The design of this clamp is generic enough that virtually any phone or mobile device that is less that 2.99" and larger than 2.25" will fit in the clamp. The spring is fairly tight and when you want to remove the iPhone from the device I generally having to use the iPhone itself for leverage. While I am glad the spring on the clamp is firm, since I would be more upset if the iPhone were to slip out, I do find myself wishing there were tabs on the back to help lift the moving end of the clamp when releasing the iPhone.

The clamps attachment to the neck allows for full rotation and a bit of tilt. The head of the stand can be removed with a single nut securing it so it could be possible to attach a different head for another device thought In Your Face does not offer any attachments. I have seen similar things done by owners of gamin GPS devices to create custom iPhone suction cup stands.

On the other end of the In Your Face, you find a clamp that attaches to virtually any flat edge. I have found it easy to attach to the edge of desks, the top lip of my dash, I was even able to attach it to the hand hold of my ambulance.

One feature that contributes to the clamps versatility is the swiveling "lower lip" of the clamp. This allows the clamp to attach more firmly than with a traditional straight style. The soft rubber pads also help to hold the device steady even when the relatively heavy iPhone is attached to the other end.

This combination is great for watching movies and displaying GPS without having to hold the device. In the case of typing, the ability to raise the device up to eye level helps to reduce fatigue. The In Your Face is secure enough to hold the iPhone while driving, though there is a bit of vibration which is expected trade off with the flexibility and portability this device brings.

The In Your face does not offer any power connection like other docks of similar design. They instead focused on a more open docking solution which allows the user to bring their own power device. Whether a power cord, or a battery case, the In Your Face will accommodate. This is one aspect that has made me shy away from the classic powered docks. They generally would attach themselves using the tension of the cigarette lighter plug which apart from wear and tear it caused the socket, also precluded you from using the dock anywhere there was not a socket to plug into. With the In Your Face you can mount your iPhone to a tree branch, pole, or even a backpack.

The versatility of this device is where it really shines. The construction is solid and I see this device being able to stand up to most abuse it would encounter. The In your Face is available now for $29.99 and can be purchased at your usual online retailers like Amazon as well as from In Your Face’s website. If you are looking for a stand to hold your iPhone at your desk, in the car, or just about anywhere, then its time to get In Your Face.