Is your iPhone changing your typing habits?

On May 6, 2009

image807548804.jpg I have done a lot of writing on my iPhone. It has become my primary email tool and I do the majority of my writing for WOIP with it. In fact I am writing this blog post on iBlogger on my phone. Typing has become much faster and easier to me in the past couple of months.
Recently, as I have been working on my graduate studies, I have discovered some new habits that have formed. As I type on my laptop I have been blowing through words I know I have mispelled expecting the correct word to jump into the text line for me. Yesterday, I kept finding myself double spacing after the last word in the sentence expecting a period to show up and the next word to capitalize. It is funny how fast new habits can develop.
Maybe these will all be good habits when the new iTablet comes out. Well wishful thinking, yes. I do know this phone has changed the way I do everything. I’ve become more productive while at the same time more dependent on my little pocket computer. So I pose the question to you. How has your iPhone use changed you?