Blowfish Lite – Review

On June 10, 2009

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Blowfish Lite – Review

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By: Blowfish Lite

Version #: 1.00

Date Released: 2009-04-08

Developer: Trippert, Inc.

Price: 0.00

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Blowfish is yet another cutesy cartoon style game.  Your task is to grow blowfish enough to reach a certain power level.  The bigger your blowfish grow, the faster the level will be finished. 

To grow a blowfish you simply press the screen.  As you hold your finger down the blowfish fill with air and grow.  Once you let go, they float to the bottom of the screen.  While you are filling the blowfish up, prickly sea urchins are swimming around.  If the urchins touch your blowfish as it is growing, it will pop and fly away. 

Each level adds more sea urchins and they tend to move faster.  You may grow as many blowfish as you would like to complete the level, but the goal is to do it as fast as possible with as few fish as possible.  If you are lucky, your blowfish will fall to the bottom of the screen and trap the urchins.  Then you can just go to town growing blowfish. 

That about does it.  The app is very clean and has nice cartoonish graphics and sound.  There is not really any replayability as the gameplay is fairly boring.  I could see this app being great if you have a child that you let play games on your iPhone. 

Quick take:
Value:  Low
Would I buy again?  Probably not, but hey, it is free!
Learning Curve:  None
Who is it for?  Kids?  Big blowfish afficianados. 
What I like:  Cute graphics and sound.
What I don’t:  Not much replayability. 

Read the Developer's Notes:
Please don't pop us - we like to grow!We're the little (or big) blowfish in this game. We like to grow with the tap of your finger. We don't like those red prickly sea urchins that make us go POP!When we see our friends pop, we get sad. We like seeing our friends grow, but sometimes we get bored and we'll make faces. Can you help us out?Features:* Unlimited levels with lots of prickly sea urchins* Lots of cute and chubby blowfish friends* Bubbles, water, and sand* Get the full game for all the levels and hours of fun!
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