BlueChatBox Review – A messaging app that makes sense

On November 4, 2014

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BlueChatBox Review – A messaging app that makes sense

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By: Tony Jiang

Version #: 14

Date Released: 2014-11-30

Developer: BlueChatBox Support

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With the 19 billion dollar Whatsapp acquisition, there is not much dearth of messaging apps in the App Store. In fact, I have an entire folder of chat box icons to keep in touch with my different friend circles. But still, there are a few apps which succeed to keep themselves unique and makes it impossible to get deleted.

Of course, BlueChatBox is one of them. This may not be the most polished messaging app you’ve seen. But don’t let that fool you, because this one comes fully feature packed.

So what does BlueChatBox have that will make me quit Hike? A lot, in fact. Take everything you can do on your favorite messaging app and add public chats, message translation, nearby chats, infinite groups and more control over what you share and see – there you have it, its the BlueChatBox.


The interface is simplistic with an excessive use of white spaces, and invites you to verify your phone number. Once done, you are open to the world of chat bubbles.

You can select any of your contact, or more than one of them to create a solo or group chat, just like with other messaging apps. However the first difference comes with the public chat tab, where you can chat with any of the thousands of online users around the world with just a tap. You can join the ongoing public chats on your screen or start one of your own. In fact, there isn’t even a language barrier as BlueChatBox intelligently translates other language messages to English.

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can tap on the nearby button to do exactly what it sounds like. It will bring up a list of all the users who are online and are geographically close to you. What better way to make some new friends around you? This I think is a really cool feature especially if you have moved to a new place or are travelling. Besides, you can use custom background images on the chats, create multimedia statuses and send emoticons.

In our tests, the chat functionality worked great and so did the powerful translation module. We are not a big fan of the super bright interface but using a custom wallpaper can overcome that. Besides the ones above, the things I personally love about BlueChatBox are the Passcode lock, ability to add more than 50 users to groups and compatibility with iPad, which undoubtedly places it superior to WhatsApp.

So if you and your friends aren’t satisfied with what other messaging clients have been offering, Blue Chat Box is a wonderful alternative to look into.

Get Blue Chat Box from the App Store for free.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Of course.

Learning Curve:NA

Who Is It For:Those fed up with the convention messaging apps.

What I Like:Universal app.

What I Don't Like:Too much waste of space in the interface.

Final Statement:Go grab it!

Read the Developer's Notes:
BlueChatBox is a free messaging client that allows you to chat with people nearby, customize chat backgrounds, and show your emotions.

• Free: With BlueChatBox, you can chat as much as you want without incurring SMS fees.

• No international fees: With BlueChatBox, you can chat with anyone for free, wherever they are in the world, as long as they also have BlueChatBox installed.

• Message Translation: Ever wanted to chat with someone who speaks another language? Now you can, BlueChatBox can translate messages in other languages to the preferred language of your choice!

• Nearby: Chat with people nearby, find lively conversations anywhere you go.

• Custom chat backgrounds: Ever get tired of boring chat backgrounds? BlueChatBox gives you the ability to customize backgrounds.

• Show your emotions: BlueChatBox gives you the ability to decorate any text message with a feeling to properly display your feelings.

• Group chats: Create group conversations with the people you want.

• Multiple status icons: Want to have different pictures when you're feeling happy or when you're bored? Now you can, BlueChatBox gives you multiple statuses with customizable icons for each status.

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