Bonfyre – Photo Sharing App for iOS and Android – Review

On October 10, 2012

App Type: Android, iPad, iPhone

Bonfyre – Photo Sharing App for iOS and Android – Review

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The idea of a photo sharing app may not be the most original concept in this world of mobile apps, but it’s an area within which there’s plenty of room to expand and improve on what we’ve seen until now.

The idea of Bonfyre is, as the name suggests, to share photos revolving around specific events or themes that you decide. So, for instance, you can create a bonfyre revolving around someone’s wedding, then all the people involved in that bonfyre can add their own photos to it, chat with other people in it, and also help plan the event itself.

You can create large bonfyres or smaller, more intimate ones. For instance, you may be at a festival wanting to receive updates on what your friends are doing at the other end of the site. Alternatively, maybe a couple of your friends have gone on holiday and you want to stay in the loop on what they’re getting up to, so you create a bonfyre with just you and them in it, so they can send you pics and messages letting you know how things are going.

Bonfyre has a friendly, easy-to-use interface that doesn’t do anything particularly innovative, but serves its function well. The interface is divided into the basic categories of Bonfyres, Memories and Me. Memories is an automatically-created portfolio of the various bonfyres you’ve created, with larger thumbnails being used to represent the more populated bonfyres you’ve been involved with.

Bonfyre is a wonderful, well-presented concept, and in practice it works quite handily as well. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily equate to the app being a success, what with the social-network-sharing market being overcrowded as it is. Its complete focus on smaller social groups, however, makes it unique, and it’s one of the simpler (in a good way) apps out there for sharing experiences with those closest to you.

We rate this app 5 out of 5 stars.

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