Book Of Magic for iPhone Review

On April 13, 2011

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Book Of Magic for iPhone Review

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By: Timebom, LLC

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When you are a kid, being a magician is about as cool as it gets. There is always that one cool kid that get the magic kits for his birthday and now he is making coins disappear and pulling the card you picked out of the deck and you begin to wonder if he is the child of the gods of Olympus. For those of us that sat and wondered at these pallor tricks, there is an app that bring the magic straight to your iPhone. Book of Magic is a compendium of tricks ranging from simple slight of hand, to more elaborate tricks that require previous setup.

One thing I should make clear here is that the videos in this app are not downloaded when you purchase this app. The demonstration of each trick can be either streamed or downloaded, but the video that teaches the trick must be downloaded to the device for each trick. For iPod users, this means you will need WiFi for viewing tricks. Downloads can be made on 3G but it may take a while depending on your bandwidth. There is also no way to manage or delete individual videos once they have been downloaded. The only way to restore the space on your iOS device is to delete the app and re-download it. This could become an inconvenience for some so I felt it bore mentioning before you starting downloading apps.

Book of Magic organizes each trick by category (card tricks, money, bar tricks, etc), complexity, and showiness. Each of these are represented with an icon. Once you have selected a trick you can either stream or download the video of the trick being demonstrated. If these tricks seems like the one you want you can then tap learn to download the video that shows you the secret and how to perform it. There is also a share button to email the trick to someone, although I would think that you would want to keep a good trick to yourself until you perform it.

The tricks are well performed and explained and I am sure this app would give any budding magician a good repertoire to start with. I would suggest they add a way to manage the videos that are downloaded to the app as this could suck up what precious space you may have on a smaller device.

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars.

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