Boulder Dash XL Review – Don’t get crushed!

On December 21, 2012

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Boulder Dash XL Review – Don’t get crushed!

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Version #: 1.0.1

Date Released: 2012-12-18

Developer: Boulder Dash®-XL™ Support

Price: 2.99

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A fan of this childhood PC game? Chances are high, you are tempted to get your hands on the iOS version, too. But, is Boulder Dash XL good enough to take out 299 cents from your account? That is exactly what we are going to find out.

The game opens into a neon green interface with countless options. Select your character to enter what you care about – the game! Gameplay is largely unchanged as our hero Rockford has to dig through caves searching for gems. This is not going to be easy, as constant avalanches of rocks and the evil bots are doing their jobs. The time stops not even for Rockford and he has to get to the exit with clock still ticking.

Five different game modes are available according to your taste.
Score Attack: Collect as diamonds as you can and return to the exit before time runs out.
Puzzle Mode: Use your brain to collect all gems without being crushed or trapped.
Retro Mode: The exact replica of the desktop version.
Zen Mode: The time attack mode. Collect diamonds and reach the door in least time.
Arcade Mode: Just don’t die! Do the best in 90 secs and if you have hit the threshold, you pass.

Animations are consistent with the pixel trend (of course, they are) and the sound effect are minimal. The simple, yet inefficient controls have scope for improvement. After playing it for a considerable time, I feel that the nostalgic  feel is worth the bucks you spend, while on the other hand, if you aren’t a fan of rocks falling on your head,  I suggest you keep the money.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes, I love this game

Learning Curve:Low-Medium

Who Is It For:Only for Original Game lovers

What I Like:5 different game modes

What I Don't Like:The controls

Final Statement:Tickle your childhood memories

Read the Developer's Notes:
"5/5, If you like classic arcade gaming, this is tops!" -

"Quite a beautiful game" -

"4/5, It’s a great port/adaptation of a classic and is bound to please long time fans and newcomers alike" -

A classic reborn, Boulder Dash®-XL™ updates the best 80’s action-puzzler with cutting-edge graphics and gameplay.
With over 100 caves of frantic robo-mining fun across 5 game modes – including Retro caves! As mining robots Rockford™ or Crystal™ dig, dynamite, push and puzzle to the exit as fast as you can - but watch out for many types of roaming monsters determined to block your delving delight. Crush them with boulders, blast them with dynamite or just run away! And, yes, this is the exact same game that’s on Xbox 360 and PC! Who needs a console when you can have a cutting edge game in the palm of your hand? With puzzle, retro and arcade modes, two robots to control, a variety of exciting and dangerous monsters, leaderboards, achievements, and wonderful gadgets, Boulder Dash®-XL™ is an action-puzzler you’ll really dig.

Game features:

? Cutting edge graphics
? Puzzling enemies
? 100 caves to explore
? 5 game modes, including retro!
? Left-handed controls also supported
? Highscore tables and achievements

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