BP Buddy – Review

On December 3, 2008

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BP Buddy – Review

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By: BP Buddy

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-10-13


Price: 4.99

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Keeping your blood pressure at the proper levels is vital to staying healthy and happy. BP Buddy Lite is designed to help do just that!

BP Buddy is a very straight forward Blood Pressure monitoring program allowing you to keep track of your readings on a daily or weekly basis. You can select from the bottom access bar a "My info" window for you to enter your date of birth, gender, weight and height!
The next selection from the access bar will show you will an "Add Log" window that allows you to enter the correct readings from your BP monitoring machine. The "Logs" window reflects the various BP readings of the day or week.

The third selection will show you a graphic that reflects those readings day to day. Multiple readings from the same day are not as visible or effective to see.

Next there’s a "Settings" window that allows you to reset all personal info. You can also reset (erase) all log entries.

The last selection "About" takes you to an informational Window about the creators of BP Buddy.


Quick Take
Would I Buy Again: Yes
Learning Curve: The access bar at the bottom of the window will take the user to every aspect of this program
Who is it for: Anyone who needs to keep a close watch on their Blood Pressure will find this program a great help.
What I like:
The interface is very clear and simple to use.
What I Don’t: Nothing……
Final Statement: BP Buddy is a very simple straight forward Blood Pressure monitoring program that can keep the user informed on their current readings. It’s very user friendly and is an asset to anyone concerned about their health! There’s also a limited version of BP Buddy obtainable at the iTunes Store for free.

Read the Developer's Notes:
HBP (high blood pressure) is a serious condition that can lead to coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke, kidney failure and other health issues. This is why keeping your blood pressure in check is vital to staying healthy and happy, and BP Buddy is designed to help you achieve just that.

Log: -Easy to input with dial BP and HR values -Multiple entries allowed per day -Note section for each log entry with stress level -Log statistics displayed for all entries

Graph: -Up to 60 days of log entries -Scrolling graph to view all entries -Graph snapshot saved in photo album

Email: -All entries may be emailed to either you or your doctor at any time of day.

At oneAppOneCause.com we are committed to helping you live healthier and happier, which is why 10% of the profits of each purchase will be donated to the American Heart Association in an effort to help the battle against cardiovascular related diseases.

Please check back soon as more apps from OneAppOneCause will be made available, each with its own cause and commitment to your health.
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