Bubble Galaxy With Buddies Review – Casual gamers will love this one

On November 30, 2012

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Bubble Galaxy With Buddies Review – Casual gamers will love this one

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By: Scopely - Top Free Apps and Games LLC

Version #: 1.5

Date Released: 2012-11-06

Developer: Scopely - Top Free Apps and Games LLC

Price: Free

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I couldn’t help but to chuckle when I started playing this game, given how I spent my childhood on the old Nintendo Gameboy systems playing Bust-A-Move and that I was a huge fan of the ball busting game genre. Bubble Galaxy With Buddies took a new spin to the game,

With Bubble Galaxy With Buddies, players can engage in the timeless classic with their friends but instead of having the games take place in real time, the app uses the same approach seen in games like Draw Something whereby the initiator completes the round first while the challenger follows suit afterwards both at their own leisure. This adds a form of convenience for both parties as players do not have to wait for each other to be available for rounds to take place. This turn-based system scores extra points in my book.

Of course, give the app’s status as a free app, upgrades and boosts are available via in-app purchases for a fee.

There is hardly anything to talk about regarding gameplay, given how this genre has been repeatedly used and that Bubble Galaxy With Buddies  is honestly not much of an exception in regards to this genre.

I would definitely recommend this app though, for the sake of being able to play alongside friends and strangers instead of an ever so mundane artificial intelligence.

One thing I figured out too with Bubble Galaxy With Buddies is that story lines or thick plots do not matter in a great game anymore.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Moderate

Who Is It For:Casual gamers who wish to engage in a decent game with their friends in real life

What I Like:Being able to play with actual people rather than just strangers

What I Don't Like:Game is a little pushy on in-app purchases

Final Statement:A classic nonetheless, but what's better than to share it with a friend?

Read the Developer's Notes:
Find out why Bubble Galaxy is the #1 game on iPhone!

Welcome to a whole new universe of bubble-shooting games.

Bubble Galaxy With Buddies™ brings you classic bubble action but lets you play head-to-head with your friends, family, and new buddies! Use fantastic power-ups to increase your score and crush your buddy!

In Bubble Galaxy With Buddies™, aim and shoot matching bubbles as quickly and accurately as possible before time runs out. The player with the highest score after three rounds wins and gets bragging rights!

? Challenge your buddies in alternating 60-second rounds!
? Tap to shoot, or tap and hold for laser-like accuracy!
? Pick from three characters and an amazing list of power-ups: the Laser Sight, Meteor Bubble, Time Vial, Rainbow Bubble, and more!
? Travel throughout your Galaxy Map and unlock new planets with every mission you complete
? Get rewarded for playing with your friends! Invite buddies and earn FREE coins and power-ups!

Other Highlights:

? Challenge friends and family through SMS or Facebook, or find a random opponent!
? Turn-based play so you can keep multiple games going at the same time!
? Use in-game messaging to chat with and heckle your opponents!
? Optional "push" notifications so you know when it's your turn!
? Already playing another With Buddies™ game? Easily log in with the same account!
? Play from the same account on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch!

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