Buddy Bird ToDo Review – A digital secretary you can actually speak to

On February 7, 2013

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Buddy Bird ToDo Review – A digital secretary you can actually speak to

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By: Mathews Thomas

Version #: 1.0.2

Date Released: 2013-01-15

Developer: Mathews Thomas

Price: 2.99

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So many of us use smartphones to manage our day to day lives. We use smartphones to communicate, surf the net, and very importantly, we use smartphones to organize our daily routines. As the years go by and workload accumulates, we tend to forget our agendas for the day and this is where to-do lists come in handy.

Traditionally, to-do lists were done on pieces of post-it notes pinned to a convenient location. However, with the dawn of the smartphone era, developers have started incorporating such useful lists in their device software. When it comes to iOS, new devices can enjoy the services of Siri as their personal assistant while most of Apple’s consumers also have access to the default Reminders app. However, Buddy Bird ToDo is an alternative option that, in my opinion, triumphs the default applications.

The main draw of Buddy Bird ToDo would be how it’s able to give voice responds and accept voice commands much like Siri can, but without needing an active internet connection as per iOS. Of course, there are a few hiccups here and there. For instance, the app is only able to recognize complete sentences that are clearly detailed so saying something vague and ambiguous like “event, morning” will have the app baffled.

As for the general structure of the app, I was very pleased with how neatly the app was able to organize and sort out my activities for the day. Multicolored tabs and generous word sizing allowed for ease of reading which was something I very much appreciated. There was also the option of having the very mechanical and robotic voice of the app read out the list to users, but I personally found that to be an awkward to have function. A nice touch, nonetheless.

For $2.99, the app might be a little on the expensive side. Given that to-do lists are basically to remind people of their tasks, the default Reminders app does a great job. The price tag does not quite justify the additional offline voice control capabilities as well as neater organizational layouts. However, price aside, Buddy Bird ToDo is one excellent app in it’s own right.

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Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:NA

Who Is It For:Everyone

What I Like:The neatness as well as doing away with internet connections for voice controls

What I Don't Like:The price tag is too expensive

Final Statement:If you have a few extra dollars to spare, get it

Read the Developer's Notes:
* Featured by Apple in "What's Hot"!

Buddy Bird ToDo: First Talking To-Do App.
All-in-one organizer that reads your to-do list to you. With a clean, easy-to-use interface, Buddy Bird ToDo is first and the only (to date) app that literally tells you the items on your to-do list.The app reads your tasks in a clear female voice.
Buddy Bird ToDo is like having a personal assistant following you around, reminding you of all the things on your to-do list that need attention. Buddy Bird ToDo keeps you safe while driving by reading your tasks aloud without needing to do anything besides listen.
Can’t connect to a Wi-fi or 3G network? Buddy Bird ToDo has you covered. Unlike Siri, text to speech functionality of this app works even when your phone isn’t connected.

iTunes reviews (US)
"Excellent app.. sleek and elegant design. a talking todo app..first time in iPhone..this is exactly what i was looking for..!"

"Great concept and idea..The design and the graphics are pretty good and fit perfect for the iPhone. Thanks for this fantastic app!"

• The first and only app that can read your tasks aloud to you with a very clear natural voice.
• Talking todo app ? . The app can read out the items due today, due soon, or overdue. Buddy Bird ToDo can also read all items to you or only those items that belong to a specific list.
• Organization ? Buddy Bird ToDo lets you easily organize your items into tabs or lists.
• Recurring appointments ? Buddy Bird ToDo lets you set up daily, weekly and monthly recurring appointment.
•Voice Notifications and alarms ? Voice notifications that will read your pending task to you on a time when the alarm is set.
•Task Actions ? Let your phone help you complete your tasks by setting tasks to make a call, send an email, sms message, google and search anything, etc. All of this from inside Buddy Bird ToDo!
•Filtering ? Sort tasks based on priority, due date and task name.
•Starred Tasks
•Powerful search options to search tasks, notes, list, category, etc.
•Add tasks quickly ? Add a new task with just a couple of taps (2 taps).
•Customization ? Buddy Bird ToDo comes with a variety of 19 beautiful background themes to keep things fresh. Birdy theme… not really your thing? Simply change it. More attractive themes are on the way. More customization like change the speed, pitch and volume of the text to speech.
•No Internet connection required ? Everything lives on your iPhone or iPod touch so you get super reliable and secure voice reminders that do not depend on your Internet connection or a third-party server. Not to mention saving 20% extra battery life from not using push notifications or the expensive data roaming charges when you're overseas.
•Sync ? You can take your tasks anywhere you go. Synchronize your tasks with iCloud and the popular online service Toodledo.com. NOTE: More sync options are on the way!
•App Badge Notifications ? See how many tasks are overdue and pending today.
•Much, much more: add due dates, add category for a task, schedule tasks for a later date, review completed tasks and move it automatically to the Done list as you complete them.
Buddy Bird ToDo does not require any unnecessary signups or account creation, or subscription fees to pay. Just tap on Buddy Bird and you are good to go. Please note: this application is designed to work in portrait orientation only so that you may view the tasks at their best.
We are working hard on our next version! More features coming soon! Thanks for your patience! Feedback helps us thrive.Please send your suggestions, questions or bugs to [email protected]
•For more information, please visit our website www.buddybirdtodo.com
Note: Buddy Bird ToDo currently supports only English.

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