Bugging Me for iPhone, iPad, ipod-touch Review

On August 12, 2011

App Type: iPhone

Bugging Me for iPhone, iPad, ipod-touch Review

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By: Lounge Lizard Worldwide

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Are people bugging you? Of course they are! Say this neighbor who always borrows stuff and ‘forgets’ to give it back? The old school friend who always happens to leave when it’s his round? (cheapskate!).

The back stabber, the drama queen… all these people who annoy you, now there’s a fun way to get back at them!

You can fill in a name and then pick a bug that represents them, like The Ego Maniac, The Know It All, The Clueless Wonder, The Bully. Then you label the bug with the name of the person bugging you and you launch your new, custom bug on the internet or mail it to them! It’s a rather friendly way to send someone a message, like the IRS, your sister, your dog, your math teacher… I must say that at first I didn’t see what the point could possibly be to this app. Sending someone a bug? Where’s the fun in that? But actually it kinda works, and it’s even fun.

All in all, this is a fun little, innocent app, because all these little bugs are very cute. The know it all, for instance, is actually quite cuddly, especially seen as it’s a bug! I think that’s why this app isn’t mean or nasty, it’s just a friendly nudge to a relative or a friend or even a teacher. The cartoons are very good and make this app!

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars

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