Buzzillions Mobile – Review

On January 11, 2009

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Buzzillions Mobile – Review

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By: Buzzillions Mobile

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You’re walking through a Mall with a general idea of what you’re looking for, but there are so many stores carrying similar items to the one you’re considering buying that you just can’t make up your mind which store to enter!  Buzzillions is JUST the program to help you make an informed decision on which item to buy! Buzzillions reviews are made up of verified shoppers, well known retail stores and over 2300 websites from all over the world who have been kind enough to share their reviews with Buzzillion’s information hub.

Unlike and other similar search engines, they’re not trying to sell you anything. Their goal is simply to supply you with the information that can help you make that final choice for the right product to buy. Just hit the "search" button on the opening screen and type in the item you’re shopping for.

Buzzillions will display hundreds of results in 10 per page groups. You can scroll down to see if you can locate the perfect item to buy. Once you’ve picked the item you want to select, you can scroll down the page to see the Review SnapshotTM. Buzzillions summarize the most important information in an easy to read format.

They include the pros, cons, and best uses for each product, as well as star ratings and number of reviews. This information is also available with each customer review. You can also see how products ranked compared to similar products.You will find top ten products within each category by looking for the green Buzzillions rank badges.Every shopper has different needs for the same product, so Buzzillions give you the ability to filter reviews according to the type of person writing the review. If you’re a professional musician and want to see what other professional musicans have to say about a particular product, you can do that.

When Buzzillions has enough data about a product, they give you a product ranking so you know where a product falls within a category. When you see a green badge for example, you know it falls within the Top 10. Rankings can also help you avoid products that are poorly rated.

Buzzillions ranking takes into account a number of items, among them:

    * Number of reviews for a product
    * Star rating
    * Trustworthiness of reviews (whether or not a review is from a verified buyers)
    * How recent the reviews are and whether the product is in stock

You can trust reviews on Buzzillions because their retail partners survey thousands of customers a day to get their feedback about products they’ve tried. These customers are verified as being actual buyers, which means you can be sure you are getting honest reviews.

Reviewers are NOT paid to write reviews. This ensures you are getting reviews from people who genuinely want to share their opinions, good or bad. Buzzillions DO allow manufacturers or retailers to display ads. However, this does not influence which reviews are displayed. All reviews are displayed, even if a customer review slams a product made by that same manufacturer. Buzzillions do however, work with plenty of manufacturers who are proud of their products and your opinions of them.

They show you both the good and the bad. The negative reviews are shown right alongside the positive ones. If they show you only positive reviews, they lose credibility and your trust.

Buzzillions is located in San Francisco, California.

Quick Take

Would I Buy Again: Yes

Learning Curve: The program is pretty self explanatory with a small instructional area reached through the "about" button at the top right of the opening screen.

Who is it for: Any shopper who needs a little more info about something they’re about to buy.

What I like: Having such a wealth of info at your fingertips as you shop is a real plus.

What I Don’t like:  A very small item: It might be nice to have the ability to select the number of items shown on each page rather than just 10 as is currently available.

Final Statement: An avid shopper will find Buzzillions a great asset to be able to refer to. Most of us are comparative shoppers and can always use a bit more information to make that final choice.
Buzzillions can enhance and speed along their shopping experience greatly!

Read the Developer's Notes:
Buzzillions is your premier hub for product reviews. We're not sure how many a buzzillion is, but it sounds like a lot– and that's our goal, a lot of useful reviews to help you make an informed decision. We collect thousands of customer reviews a day from across 3,000+ websites. That means you get to see a huge amount of reviews on a wide range of products, from GPS units to baby strollers, hiking boots to moisturizers.
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