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On May 23, 2012

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logoReal betting, real money on real iPhones. Yes! Poker puts Texas Hold’em in your jeans’ pocket, to scratch your betting itch on the move. Read along!Of course, the app has security measures to keep you from slipping over your credit card. You can set a minimum and maximum stake (the maximum sitting at $6) The app will then look up for a correct table (a 5 cent better won’t fit in a $6 table…) and then it’s time to play. At least you won’t need to fake your face to hide emotions, Internet anonymity does it for you. Remember, you are betting real money, with real people.

There’s also a free mode, where you are just playing without any money, just for fun (of course, betting money is also fun, but mind you, there are people who don’t like it.) As for nifty options, you can auto-set blinds and auto-wait on a big blind, and just in case you were wondering, a table can have at most 10 players. Poker is really smooth. A simple but effective design in gray, with folding menus for all table actions (and scrollers for betting and chip buying.) Pretty impressive in its simplicity, also impressive that the App Store strong policies allow it in. Of course, the quality of the app deserves it, but the censorship paranoia in the App Store headquarters is sometimes amazing. In case you are not a very adept player, the app comes with a tutorial to give you all the basics and get you from newbie to beginner. Then you can move to free games or betting games, just be sure you know what you are doing! You can register here for playing.

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars.

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