CallerSmart Review – Don’t be silly and get CallerSmart

On July 2, 2014

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CallerSmart Review – Don’t be silly and get CallerSmart

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By: CallerSmart

Version #: 3.19

Date Released: 2014-05-20

Developer: CallerSmart

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Long meeting day, you kept your iPhone off to avoid nasty calls while presenting to investors, business partners and bankers. After an exhausting day, you get home, get comfortable, pour yourself a cold drink and sit on the couch. Turn on the phone: 6 missed calls. Oh dear! You only recognise three numbers (from people who arrived late to meetings today.) Who are the other three? Should you call them back? Maybe it is an urgent matter. Or maybe they just want to offer you that awesome new phone offer you, definitely, don’t want. Google them? Send a SMS? So many ways to waste your time, while you’d rather relax on that couch!

CallerSmart is the app you sure need. No need to have awkward conversations “Hi, you called yesterday, who are you?” No need to Google the phone number only to find old, untrusty results. CallerSmart is a collaborative app. Sometimes you’ll answer a nasty call (bill collection? that persistent ex?) so you’ll know who the offender was. Then add the number to CallerSmart and tag it. Not only can you earn badges and in-app perks as you do so, but you will also help other people and future you (because it’s quite likely you won’t save these numbers in your phonebook!)



In some sense, CallerSmart is like a shared inverse phonebook. Of course, you can’t find out who calls or is called by your neighbour, but if you have a phone number you want to check, you can look it up and find if it is someone trustworthy or just an annoying telemarketer. CallerSmart is free, unless you want a premium option. Which is, of course, a premium: the free app is very good at what it does, and a godsend for people who dislike answering to unknown numbers. Since the app is community based, its results are instantly updated and always fresh. Much, much better than just googling for the annoying callers.

If you want to get a taste of it, you can check their website. They show an instant activity feed, where you can see how numbers are trusted or untrusted by CallerSmart users. You can also check their free “Search phone number” field (top-left) and see how good it is for yourself.

For now CallerSmart is available only on the US App Store, so it’s most useful for US-based iPhone owners. We really hope they turn it into a worldwide app, so people in the rest of the world can stop getting annoying calls.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Nil

Who Is It For:Anyone can benefit from it, even iPad owners

What I Like:It's a service everyone needs

What I Don't Like:I'd like to see a version for every country!

Final Statement:CallerSmart solves a problem, and does it well

Read the Developer's Notes:
CallerSmart is a caller ID app that helps you with unknown or annoying phone calls and texts. It's the first community phone book that's free - and actually fun! - to use.

A reverse look up white pages app for you and each of your friends to help one another find out more about a mystery call or text. Plus, a place to warn others about bill collectors, telemarketers, scammers, old flames, robodialers, and prank callers - all so you don't mistakenly call someone back you don't want to talk to.

Best of all, we made it fun to help each other out. Identify or share useful feedback about calls or texts you've gotten and you'll get free prizes and fun Smart Badges just for contributing.


- Look up mystery phone numbers for free

- Investigate any suspicious call or text before you respond

- Identify where a phone number is from

- See useful comments from other users

- Monitor activity from others on your phone number

- Earn free prizes and fun Smart Badges for contributions to our phone book

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