CarZen: Research and Buy New Cars for iPad Review

On April 14, 2011

App Type: iPad

CarZen: Research and Buy New Cars for iPad Review

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By: CarZen LLC

Version #: 1.1

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Developer: By CarZen LLC

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Wether you are looking for a new car or you just like looking and cars and their specs; CarZen is definitely for you! Most people these days know the trouble of finding a new (or 2nd hand) car online; you go to a sites, then have to look up specs. These specs are usually not even (complete) on the original site where you found the car. Then you want reviews and extras and more pictures etc. Before you know it, you are spending 30+ minutes per car, browsing 20 pages at one time to fine all info you want.

With CarZen this is all history; you simply search for the brand you want, your price brackets, the type of car or whatever you know about your soon-to-be automobile and CarZen will load everything you want to know. This includes many images (in all colors you can get the car in), specs, reviews, extras/add-ons and features. You can add the car to your virtual parking lot for keeping as favorite and you can zoom in different cars and different vehicle trims of the car.

The app has been made for ease of use and contains everything you would like to know about the cars in their database. It requires an online connection to load this information and the images. There are a few downsides; currently there are only new (hence the name) cars in the system, and not very much of them; only 400. Which is enough for most users, but we would like to see more. The system is very much geared towards US users, so all specs and car trims are for US types. Besides that; great app!

We rate this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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