Download Lemon Wallet Android Apk


On April 2, 2013

Personal finance apps are handy to track your expenses and backing up the receipts and card information. There are many apps with cloud storage solution that helps you to manage money. Mint is one such app across multiple mobile platforms that allows you to manage this information with ease. Similar app that does the job […]

Download MySettings Android App apk


On April 1, 2013

Finding your way out to many settings of android device can be tricky and often is hard to manage some settings. There are plenty of nifty apps that makes it easy for you to edit interface settings and toggles at one place. If you want much better app to manage settings and notifications, checkout MySettings […]

Download Total War Battles Shogun Android Apk


On March 26, 2013

Total War is popular war games series on android platform. It has perfect mix of the war and the strategy genre and keeps you hooked with the device playing for hours. It has It’s first series on the android called – Total War Battles – Shogun. If you like war games then you should definitely […]

Download Lockout Mobile Security Android apk

Android phones like any other phone platform suffers from malware and the security issue. It is often because of the abuse from the app developers and sometimes due to the bad security practices from the device owner. There are plenty of antivirus and anti-malware solutions for android platform which can secure the device with any […]

Download Contre Jour Android Apk

Physics puzzles are fun to solve on the touch devices. Android market is getting quite popular with the different types of the physics games. Contre jour is the new physics game in the android market. It has gained a lot of following last few weeks because of the graphics and the gameplay.

Download Tikki Towers Android Apk


On February 28, 2013

Puzzle games from Wii are now being ported to the mobile platforms like Android and iOS. Now you will be able to play many games which were originally developed for the Wii. One such game that was recently ported to the android – Tikki Towers. It is puzzle adventure game that you will find on […]

Download Modern Combat 3 Fallen Nation Android Apk


On February 27, 2013

Action games on android platform are maturing slowly enough to compete with play-station and Xbox. Keeping the screen side argument aside, you get the equally exciting game-play and graphics on touch devices. Gameloft released one of their new action game sequel called Modern Combat 3 – Fallen Nation recently. This game has everything that you […]

Download Astrid Task Manager Android App apk


On February 20, 2013

Getting things done is becoming pretty hard these days due to distraction caused by the social media and technology. If you’re spending a lot of time in front of the computers or tablet or on the phone then prioritize your tasks is very important these days. In such case task management or to-do list apps […]

Download Machinarium Android apk


On February 19, 2013

Point and Click games used to be quite popular back in the 90’s. They’re quite rare these days as many new games are interactive in nature. Machinarium is a point and click game that is getting very popular these days among android gamers. If you like playing point and click games for solving puzzles then […]

Download Ankidriod Android apk

Learning a new language or keeping track of equations can be done easily with the help of flashcards. If you’re using these flashcards made up of paper then you are basically wasting a lot of money and paper. Anki is one application that you can use to manage lots of flashcard at free of cost. […]