Download Bouncy Mouse Android app from Google Play


On February 15, 2013

Tired of Angry Birds? Want to play something similar but with a twist? You should take a look at Bouncy Mouse. It is one good game similar to the angry birds theme. It has a bit kiddish graphics compared to angry birds but the gaming experience is superb. You don’t have to learn much gaming […]

Download Osmos HD Android Apk – Space Strategy Game


On February 14, 2013

Slow paced strategy games are fun to play. Most of the strategy games out there are rich with graphics and physics gaming experience. Physics games are designed to make you think in order to solve some of the puzzles. Osmos HD is one such strategy physics game that is getting popular on android store. In […]

Download Miren Browser Android App apk

Android’s default browser does the most of a normal browsing task but when it comes to bookmarking and some other advanced features, It’s not enough. You have an option of using Firefox, Opera and Teashark on android device. But these are mainstream browsers which are often cluttered with their own plugins. If you need lightweight […]

Download Titanium Backup Android App apk


On February 7, 2013

Android users who work on their device require backup applications to take care of their data. In many cases, these backup tools save their mobile or tablets data from being lost in case of crash or theft. Titanium Backup is one such app that lets users save the time for syncing and backing up their […]

Download Asteroid Defense Android apk from Google Play


On February 6, 2013

Tower Defense Games are rarely compared with mainstream games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. Asteroid Defense seems to be the only game with maximum installs on android device in the Tower Defense category. That is not all the replay of this game is what makes this game stand out from all the android games […]

Download Moon+Reader Android App apk from Google Play

Kindle started a whole new trend of book reading market on small devices. Now that Amazon allows the downloading and reading feature from third party apps, It is  possible for many users on Android to read eBook on their table or phone. There are plenty of apps that lets you sort and read the books […]

Download Sandstorm Rush Android apk


On February 4, 2013

Running Character games are gaining popularity on android market due to their simplicity. Sandstorm Rush is one such game that offers you fun of character running concept. Compared to games like Rayman, Sandstorm Rush gets repetitive over a period of time. If you are adventure game fan then Sandstorm Rush has some good levels for […]

Download Camera360 Android apk


On January 31, 2013

Android phones with the high resolution lenses are quite common these days. You don’t have to pay for the expensive photo editing apps in order to touch-up your photos. There are plenty of Android apps that can help you add effects to your pictures. Camera360 is one such app which lets you modify the images […]

Download Jail Break Android apk

Puzzle games are quite fun to play on Android phones or tablets. Touch based interaction of these games makes it very addictive compared to the games which makes use of buttons. Jail break is one such puzzle game which makes use of touch gestures for it’s working. You’ll find that jail break game is very […]

Download Zombie Smash Android apk


On January 29, 2013

First person shooter games are always fun to play on tablet. If you own an Android tablet then I am sure you would love to play some shooter games. Zombie smash is one such game that has mix of genres in each levels. You’ll find mix of tower defense, first person shooting and strategy gaming […]