Temple Run For Android Download


On February 7, 2012

Temple Run

Temple Run For Android Download – Some apps from Apple seems to be always popular when they are released. Temple Run App is another game that also grows more popular nowadays. This game is developed and published by Imangi Studios. Though some people said that Temple Run App is a game, but some others disagree […]

Scramble With Friends for Android and iPhone



Scramble With Friends for Android and iPhone

Scramble With Friends for Android and iPhone – There is another game beside Angry Bird that starts to come up these days.¬†Scramble with Friends is one of some game that starts to rise and attract the customer attention.¬†Scramble with Friends is the game that seems to be similar with scrabble. In this game we are […]

Jailbreak iPhone 4S


On February 1, 2012

jailbreak iphone 4s

We might often hear about this word lately, Jailbreak iPhone 4S. We might find that this term is used as the answer for those who want to get modifications on their iPhone. We find that Apple got its exclusive stuff on its device. Apple got its own chipset and OS that makes is got its […]

Facebook Updates App, Adds iPad at Last


On October 11, 2011

While the rumors stated that the elusive iPad version of the official Facebook app was going to drop at the iPhone 4S event October 4th, that day came and went without a peep. So it is a nice surprise for most hen we found an update to the iPhone app that not only gave the […]

Fruit Ninja sells 6 million paid downloads in 10 months


On February 18, 2011

It was 21st of April 2010 when Fruit Ninja debuted in the App Store, i even remember how crazy we were playing it all day long. It wasn’t long until press releases about their sales numbers started rolling out, only 2 weeks after the launch they announced sale of 140k units, that was HUGE.

Read The Daily without an iPad


On February 3, 2011

That The Daily is this weeks hottest ipad app is no news, we won’t get much into detail. Apparently The Daily didn’t really want to offer their content on the web, although they had to share it for distribution reasons, anyway they didn’t create much of a presentation and they did their best to block […]

Mac App Store launched… and cracked!


On January 6, 2011

Apple launched the App Store today which brings the process of buying apps for your Mac OS X operating system on the same level as buying apps for the iPhone and iPad. Jobs announced this months ago and finally it is here! To buy and install applications and games, you simply click on the app […]