Download Chuck the Muck Android Apk


On June 19, 2013

Chuck the Muck is an adventure platform puzzler game that is fun and addictive to play. You can Download Chuck the Muck Android Apk from Google Play store. It is free of cost game,  and the replay value and the addictiveness of the game tells you that game is much better. So overall, the game […]

Download Epic Pirates Story Android Apk


On June 12, 2013

Adventure games based on  Kairosoft model are quite common among simulator games. Though such games are not much addictive for modern gamers. Those who have played adventure game with  Kairosoft model are going to enjoy this new twist with Epic pirate story.  It is beautifully designed game but offers a dull and repetitive gameplay.

Download The Spookening Android Apk


On June 5, 2013

Have you ever wanted to play the ghost? The spookening is all about scaring the villagers with your ghost skills. It is very interesting game with humor and adventure. You can download The spookening from Google Play Store. It is 2.99$ game, so not much expensive and considering the replay value and the graphics, It […]

Download Nun Attack Android Apk


On May 31, 2013

There are tons of action games on android and some of them lack originality and don’t offer much to the gamers. Nun attack is a new action game that is very addictive and is getting a lot of positive reviews lately.

Download Pirates: Captain Clumsy Android Apk


On May 24, 2013

Previously we reviewed Must Eat Birds which has a concept of protecting the character from falling Birds. Captain Clumsy has a similar concept but with a twist where you have to protect captain while reaching down the ship. You can Download Pirates: Captain Clumsy from Google Play Store. It is free of cost game so […]

Download Spawn Wars 2 Android Apk


On May 16, 2013

There are very few sci-fi action games that are worth playing on android platform. Spawn wars is one such game that will keep you hooked for hours. Recently the makers of spawn wars launched sequel to the game. This new release has lot of improvements in terms of graphics and the gameplay. If you have […]

Download Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet Android Apk


On May 15, 2013

Makers of Original game Magicka released this new prequel to the game. It has different storyline, spells and characters in this game. Campaigns are also interesting and gives you freedom of the spell creation and co-op feature. These new features make this game much more addictive compared to the previous game.

Download Agent Dash Android Apk


On May 14, 2013

Temple Run started a new form of sliding and scrolling game genre. Instead of the horizontal scrolling these games offer the movement in the forward direction using either the tilting or the sliding features. Agent Dash is one of the game that makes use of the similar concept. It has typical features of the temple […]

Download Tupsu Android Apk


On May 13, 2013

Spirits and Contre Jur are some of the good physics puzzle games that we reviewed earlier. There is one more game that falls into similar theme, called Tupsu. Tupsu is one good physics puzzle game which has beautiful graphics and the gaming experience. It has a lot of similarities with many other games in terms […]

Download Songify Android Apk


On May 10, 2013

There are countless number of music apps on android market, each with it’s unique use. Songify is one such app that lets you turn any speech into song. Compared to many mixing and music generation apps out there, this app is more unique. Songify gives you chance to make your own songs from the set […]