Download Politician: The Game Android Apk


On May 9, 2013

Adventure Puzzle games are fun with the touch tablets. Politician is one such game that makes use of touch features for the gaming experience. It is mix of Mines and Bomberman concept along with touch feature for the gaming experience. If you like playing such adventure games then you are going to love politician the […]

Download Little Things Forever Android Apk


On May 8, 2013

Puzzle games that require you to spot things are quite common in comic books and newspapers. It is fun to solve such puzzles in the form of the android game. In case of the android tablets, you get to use various controls to zoom and scroll in order to solve the puzzles. Little Things Forever […]

Download Babel Rising 3D Android Apk


On May 6, 2013

Tower Defense Games are coming in a lot of variations lately. Some of these variations are mixed with first person strategy gaming genre. If you ever played Age of Mythology game then I am sure you are going to find Babel Rising 3D game interesting.

Download Swing Shot Android Apk


On May 3, 2013

Rovio started a trend of slingshot based games and then many game studios came up with their own variation of it. Com2US made their own version called “Swingshot” which basically features animal-battle with the help of slingshot. The basic usage on the tablet is pretty much the same like angry birds or any other slingshot […]

Download Angry Birds Star Wars Android Apk


On May 2, 2013

Rovio is coming up with one hit after another with their Angry Birds game series. This time they picked Star Wars movie theme for their new game. This new game has a multiple star wars theme stages where you are going to solve excellent physics puzzles. It also has all the old characters that you […]

Download Zombiewood Androd Apk


On May 1, 2013

Zombie Smashing games can be fun but they’re quite violent and gory at the same time. Those who like playing slasher and gory games will surely enjoy Game-loft’s Zombiewood Game. If you check the promo video, you will find some humor and action at the same time. It is not your puzzle or tower defense […]

Download Granny Smith Android Apk


On April 30, 2013

Platform Games are fun to play on tablets with simple tapping and sliding features. Some of the platform games on the android are quite addictive because of their challenging themes. Granny Smith is one such game which has got lots of downloads and turns out to be one of the popular game for android. It […]

Download Cheezia: Gears of Fur Android Apk


On April 29, 2013

Platform Game with Physics elements can be fun to play. Cheezia is honest attempt from the developers to merge two different gaming genres for addictive game-play. Cheezia : Gears of Fur is fun adventure game with elements of physics gaming that makes challenges a lot more interesting and worth playing. It’s not your typical adventure […]

Download Sleepwalker’s Journey Android Apk


On April 26, 2013

Adventure Games with Speed and Physics can be fun to play. Most of the android games these days are made keeping tablet users in mind. You get to use the tap and slide feature in those games. If the speed of the character is not within control of the player and also it requires solving […]

Download Rayman Jungle Run Android Apk


On April 25, 2013

Adventure Games from Playstation are now being ported to the Mobile device these days. Many titles from 8-bit Gaming consoles are now revamped for the mobile and tablets experience. Rayman Jungle is one such game which was revived by Ubisoft and you can now play this game on your android device. It is the same […]