Download Sleepy Jack Android Apk


On April 24, 2013

Adventure Games can be fun to play on Android Tablets. I have played many physics puzzle games which has adventure element but were focused on the physics rather than the fun aspect of it. Adventure games require you to use either controls, slide or the tapping on the tablet. They’re usually not much into physics […]

Download Anomaly Earth HD Android apk


On April 23, 2013

Tower Defense Games are fun to play from the Defensive angle. It can addictive if the enemies are strong and come in one wave after another. Have you tried playing any Tower defense game from enemy perspective? It would be cool isn’t it? Anomaly Earth is one such tower defense game that is designed from […]

Download Fantasy Kingdom Defense Android Apk


On April 22, 2013

Tower Defense Games are addictive. These games are not only heavily loaded with graphics but they also don’t play along with the low end devices. So I decided to search for the game which has nice compatibility with older android versions. I found Fantasy Kingdom Defense working smoothly just fine on older devices and versions […]

Download Amazing Alex Android Apk


On April 19, 2013

Physics Games are fun to play. We have plenty of physics games reviewed in the past. Amazing Alex is one more physics game we have played recently. It is yet another challenging game from Rovio Studio -the  makers of Angry Birds series. They have released this new physics game and maintained their streak. As this […]

Download Fieldrunners HD Android Apk


On April 18, 2013

Tower defense games keep me stuck with android tablets all day. Playing these games and beating score of some other users is addictive part . Each tower defense game has it’s unique feature and they vary in enemies, speed and tower concepts. I found Fieldrunners HD to be graphically rich and addictive in terms of […]

Download Retired Wizard Story Android apk


On April 17, 2013

Strategy Defense games like plants vs zombies started the trend of tap and hold type of games. There are now plenty of games that makes use of similar concept for the tower defense games. The simple use of tap and hold was also used in Angry Birds game and It was huge success. Retired Wizard […]

Download Solid Explorer Android Apk


On April 16, 2013

Android’s default file explorer can make it difficult to use If you’re using it to sort or search larger set of files. It also becomes harder to move files especially when you choose to batch rename or delete them. Many android apps come with their own set of ways to solve the file management issues […]

Download Adaptu Wallet Android apk


On April 12, 2013

Keeping tab on the finance can be headache If we consider the spread of accounts and the constantly moving of money. In such case mobile apps can be handy to keep tab over multiple bank accounts, transactions and the savings. Some of the apps also come with web interface and desktop apps, which makes it […]

Flipboard for Android Review and apk Download


On April 3, 2013

Screenshot of Flipboard for Android

As we reported earlier, Flipboard for Android has been leaked and now this application is available for all Android users. Although this is not an official release and some users have reported some bugs, you can download Flipboard to check that its main features work perfectly well. Of course there are a few understandable fringes […]

Download FxCamera Android apk

Photographs with Hipster FX are quite trend these days, thanks to Instagram. There are plenty of apps coming out in the market with similar or diverse range of effects. Though Instagrams effects are limited in number, there are plenty of other apps to choose from if you wish to add effect of your own choice. There […]