Question Of The Day- Full-Featured or Simply-Simple?


On September 13, 2008

I was over on Appigo’s Google Groups discussion earlier looking at some of the initial responses to their just released “Notebook”. Since the app just came out late last night (and as usual finding it via the App Store’s indexing of new apps was hit or miss) there aren’t a lot of comments. One discussion, however, did catch my eyes.

One participant wrote- 

“… great app; don’t ruin it by adding too many features!”

another replied-

“…adding features does not ruin an application, provided they’re added with proper planning and design.”

and a third wrote-

“An excellent example of this is Appigo’s own ToDo application.”

All three are right.

Congratulations To Our “Apps I Wish They Made” Contest Winner!



Originally, we were going to run this contest for only a week, but due to the overwhelming response we had, we decided to extend it to two weeks.

There were tons of great ideas, and it was much more difficult to choose a winner than we expected, but we finally made our decision to go with the one app that we all could use if it came out today.  That app?  A Battery Life Optimizer.

Imagine, you could control your screen brightness, toggle your WiFi, Bluetooth, or 3G state, set hybernation settings, or control the speaker output from one easy to reach place!  Yes, although we receive a lot of great ideas from everyone, this was the one that stood out.  So congratulations to Dev Gupta, the first to recommend a battery life optimizer (yes, there were a few of these)!  Let us know what you buy with your $50 on iTunes!

iPhone Firmware 2.1- The Morning After



It is the day after the new firmware was released. So how’s it going? So far so good.

As noted yesterday, the update went as smoothly as could be. Once iTunes  downloaded it, everything moved forward without so much as a hiccup. One of the triggers for my frequent meltdowns seemed to be the sheer number of apps on the iPhone, so initially I didn’t add more than an app or two to my iPhone. When that worked I loaded it up with tons-‘o-apps. It worked fine.

Another trigger seemed to be adding, removing or updating an app directly on my iPhone after loading other via iTunes. To test this I then added two more apps via direct download on the device. When that worked I then removed one app directly from the device. That worked fine as well.

I waited for the App Store to indicate that an update was available. A few hours later the AIM app was shown to have an update. (A good one since I has been unable to log into my AIM account for days.) I downloaded it and…

New In The App Store- Notebook



Appigo (the developers behind ToDo) just released their app Notebook.

Before you say, "Another notes app for the iPhone??" let me tell you…

I have been using a Beta version of Notebook for a few weeks and it is outstanding!

As a stand-alone app it is a really good notes app for the iPhone.

When used with Toodledo (the amazing online task management program) it is a really, really good notes app for the iPhone.

And when used with Toodledo and Appigo’s ToDo task program it is an AWESOME notes program for the iPhone.

Appigo’s description does a good job of capturing everything this highly flexible program can do. It is…

Introducing the WOiP Editors Choice Award



Next week marks the three month anniversary of During that time we have been amazed by the rapid evolution of the App Store.  It launched with more apps than most expected, and at a mindblowing pace, has kept us busy filling our database with over 3000 apps so far…


Evernote 1.3 Geo-Location With A Purpose


On September 12, 2008

I want to spend a few minutes on the details of Evernote’s update to version 1.3.

The iPhone’s location feature is really quite neat but I have been more than a bit underwhelmed by many of the implementations of it on various apps. Sure, it is great to be able to tag an image or mark a location using the gps but I have fund many to be more gimmicky than anything else and always had the sense that there was much more that could be done with it.

Evernote has done just that and while I didn’t fully appreciate it when the update was released recently, the more I use it and think about other uses, the more it blows me away.

Imagine this- you are at the beach and find a restaurant you love. You snap a picture of your friend or take a few notes about the meal. The next year you are back to the same beach and are dying for a cup of the restaurant’s clam chowder. Sure you could search for the name (if you remember it). You could also search by a keyword (if you can think of one). OR…

Free (For Now)… Poptiq







Poptiq from Metranome delivers internet video to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Poptiq even learns your likes and dislikes and allows you to add comments and share videos on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

Poptiq is free until Sept 25th!


Get it here in iTunes


via tuaw

2.1, 2.1, 2.1, 2.1, 2.1, 2.1




UPDATE: A direct link to information on 2.1 can be found HERE.

UPDATE: The upgrade to 2.1 went smoothly. Nothing mindblowing but all seems to work well


Improvements include

many bug fixes and improvements

decrease in call set-up failures and call drops
significantly improved battery life for most users
dramatically reduced time to backup to iTunes
improved email reliability, notably fetching email from POP and Exchange accounts
faster installation of 3rd party applications
fixed bugs causing hangs and crashes if you have lots of 3rd party applications
improved performance in text messaging
faster loading and searching of contacts
improved accuracy of the 3G signal strength display
repeat alert up to two additional times for incoming text messages
option to wipe data after ten failed passcode attempts
Genius playlist creation

UPDATE: Updating now.

237.8 MB.

Downloading Now….


App Update- Twittelator Pro



Twittelator Pro, our favorite iPhone Twitter client, just got better.

Version 1.3 is now available and it adds some great features. Not only does the new verison preps your iPhone for the new 2.1 firmware that Apple will be releasing today, but it makes the entire Tweeting experience a whole lot nicer.

Among the changes and improvements are…

Okay, Now This Is Just Silly



The other day I posted about a serial crApp App that was appearing in the App Store.

The "developer" changes one thing, adds a new image and charges another buck for this new "app". (I hesistate to even call it that.)

At that point we had-

Days To… Anniversary,

Days To… Baby and

Days To..Exam.

Each time it is the same app with a new "event" and picture.

At the end of the post I quipped,

"Maybe next we’ll get… "DaysTo Tomorrow…"

I was joking, but since then we have gotten-