eReader for iPhone Quick Tip


On July 27, 2008

It’s no secret that I love having eReader on my iPhone and iPod Touch.  I’ve already read a couple of books on both devices and have found it to be an enjoyable and convenient way to read. (Yes, if you are making the jump directly from dead-tree editions it may be an acquired taste.)

Today’s tip doesn’t have to do with the iPhone/iPod Touch app, but it WILL make your reading experience more pleasurable…or, at the least, less expensive.

If you purchase your eBooks from eReader you are CRAZY not to subscribe to their newsletter, since each week it includes a coupon for 10% off your purchases.

That’s a nice discount for doing nothing, but there is often, an even better deal to be had.

Overheard In My House: “Okay, That’s So Dumb It Better Be Free!!!”


On July 26, 2008

Yes indeed that is a direct quote from a conversation I had earlier today (minus the part that is inappropriate for a G-Rated website, of course).

And the app that evoked that response is…



iPhone Tip: What’s In Your Wallet? A Lot Less Now.



Filled with credit cards, courtesy cards, AAA and the like, my wallet is overstuffed with no less than 10 different cards at any given time. A quick count reveals that my wife’s exceeds 20. That is a whole lot of cards- especially when many are, at best, used rarely.

A little tip over on ’tis Goud (via JKOnTheRun) brings my "card-age" down significantly.

Best of all, it is easy to do.


Non-Tech Method:

Last year LifeHacker had a post about how to condense up to eight different club cards onto one simple card. As they describe-

Just enter the barcode numbers and choose the store for each card you want to get rid of and Just One Club Card will convert them to a printable, one-card format. Fold, laminate, and enjoy.

It is a simple, low-tech method that could be a big help. It is, however, is soooooo 2007. Now that 3rd Party apps have come to the iPhone there is a much better method.

Touch Tip- Getting Jott For iPhone On Your Touch


On July 25, 2008

The other night I noticed that MacWorld’s review of Jott for iPhone gave the app just three stars and indicated that the app was available for both the iPhone and the Touch.

Only problem is… They are wrong.

They are, in my opinion, wrong to only give it three stars and they are wrong about it being available for the Touch. It’s not.

If you go to the App Store from your Touch and type "Jott" into the search feature it returns both "Jott for iPhone" and "Jott Networks". Unfortunately when you tap either of them in order to load them on your Touch the store returns "None available". Why? I suspect the lack of a microphone on the Touch but regardless it means no OTA download of JOTT for iPhone.

So are Touch users who love Jott completely out of luck? Not necessarily although it isn’t the simplest of work-arounds.
Here’s how I got Jott on my Touch.

UPDATE: Best RSS Read App For iPhone Yet! NetNewsWire Gets An Update



The title says it all- the NetNewsWire iPhone app received a significant upgrade tonight. Does it make a difference? You bet!!!

Despite its limitations I liked version 1.0.0 well enough. And compared to some of the other RSS readers (like the one I reviewed yesterday) it was AMAZING!)

This update makes a good RSS reader a Really Really good RSS reader.

Why? Read on to find out…

Multiple Copies Of Apps For the Same Household? Maybe Not



Here are WhatsOniPhone we work hard to bring our thoughts, impressions and reviews rather than merely repeated information from other posts. That noted, this was way too good not to pass on to everyone.

Here’s the situation-

I have an iPhone and an iPod Touch.

My wife currently has a Touch but will be replacing it with an iPhone as soon as they are back in stock and available.

She has her Mac and I have a desktop and a notebook.

I have already spend a boatload on applications for both my personal use and for the sake of reviews here on the site.

I have NO interest in having to purchase the same app if both of us are interested. So what, if any, options are there available to me? Do we have to buy multiple versions of the same apps?

Not neccessarily.

On Again, Off Again Aurora Feint Is… On Again



Free fantasy game Aurora Feint made the rounds in the blog-o-sphere earlier today when it was ripped from the iTunes App Store due to a potentially serious privacy/security flaw. It seems that in order to use the iPhone’s location feature to find others who are playing the gamedoing the application sent a player’s entire contact list to their servers over A TOTALLY UNSECURE data pipe. 

It is one of those silly little privacy gaps that could… ruin someone’s life. But hey, it is apparently a fun game and its free!

Well, it seems that Aurora Feint is…

Pandora Version 1.1- Sounds Even Better



We’ve been working on a review of Pandora’s iPhone application and before we could even get it posted they went and made it better.

Version 1.1 of the application offers a couple of nice improvements. 

Station Resume means that listeners who switch to a different application or take call are brought right back to the station they were on when they return to Pandora. This is key since Aple won’t allow 3rd party apps to run in the background.

The new version brings auto-complete to make searching for an artist or song that much faster and it allows users to register for Pandora right from their iPhone or iPod Touch.

All of these are great improvements but they are nothing compared to the one that stands out the most. Version 1.1 of Pandora means that

iTuned Out?


On July 24, 2008

I have been accused by some of my friends of being an Apple-fanboy. Well, you know what… they’re right. After getting rid of an HP-branded iPod that gave me nothing but trouble a few years ago I swore off owning another Apple product. The iPhone changed that and I now I wish I had wised up earlier.

Since making the jump to the iPhone last August I have become a huge fan of Apple’s products. I find them to be elegant, forward thinking and cutting edge. Most importantly, though, they work well for me.

So, yes, I am a fan of Apple’s amazing products. I love using my iMac. I love my MacBook Air and I like the power of my MacBook Pro even more. And my iPhone– well I like it enough that Dimitri, Ron and I started this site.

Yeah. I’m a fan.

BUT… That does not mean that I am not critical of Apple, their approach and some of the choices they have been making. In this post I want to break for a bit from the normal flow here on What’s On iPhone and talk about a few of my many (and increasing) frustrations.

PeterK’s “iPhone and iPod Workouts” Episode Now Available On BlogTalkRadio



Peter just wrapped up his special iPhone/iPod Touch-Related episode of his PeterK Show on BlogTalkRadio.

During the episode Peter interviews Craig Schlossberg from Pump One about their current iPhone/iPod offerings as well as their upcoming application for the App Store.

Peter talks a bit about his video and its integration with the iPhone or iPod Touch.

During the show Peter and Elana give their opinions on two fitness apps (written reviews coming soon). Elana talks about using Pandora’s iPhone app as part of her workout and I have a chance to talk a bit about general iPhone and iPod Touch-related stuff. 

A direct link to the show can be found here.