10 Million Apps- The Numbers Speak For Themselves


On July 14, 2008

By Sunday night the iTunes App Store had sent 10 million applications to App-Hungry iPhone users.

That’s 3.3 million apps a day.

That’s over 138, 888 an hour.

That’s over 2314 a minute.


Not a bad opening for Ye Olde App Shoppe!

Rotten Apples



Ok, here we go again… I feel like I’m constantly complaining… I don’t mean to come off that way, but what the heck is Apple thinking about when they put in some of the garbage I’m finding on the iTunes store?

I mean, $1.99 for a virtual mosquito swatter?  Are you kidding me?  Who’s wasting $1.99 on that?  Apple should give me their name and I’ll sell them an iPhone virtual air purifier application at the bargain price of .99!

And $1.99 for Math Quiz?  Really?  Is that all i have to pay to revisit the 1st grade?  $1.99?  Thats a deal.

Oh wait, and lets not forget the virtual Dungeons and Dragons dice, thats useful… in 1984 maybe (at least that app is Free).

Well, either Apple ran short on apps for the store, or those and other Rotten Apples are there to showcase how good most of the other stuff is.

I’m signing off now to go code up a new iPhone application, I think ill call it "Personal Sound Effects As You Walk", oh damn… someone already beat me to it!

Jott… You’ve Been Great, But reQall May Have Stolen My Heart



I’ve had a relationship with Jott since it first came out.  I have really loved using it and could not have been more excited to see that Jott had a free application available for the iPhone.

During my courtship with Jott there have been a few potential flings, but nothing ever came of them. There was the brief time I spent with IWantSandy.com. Sandy was amazing on one level- I could call and speak in a natural way, my message would be transcribed (allowing me to set up reminders, tasks and other notes just using my voice).

The issues with Sandy were too numerous for anything serious to ever come of it. Sandy didn’t have an iPhone optimized website and when I reached out to her for (Tech) Support she never called me back. Not a good way to start a relationship. So back to Jott I went and, fortunately, Jott was willing to take me back.

Today, however, I discovered reQall. Actually, I REdiscovered reQall the way you reconnect with a childhood friend who you haven’t seen since you were seven. I had met reQall in her first iteration, but she seemed a bit too "limited" for me to really be interested in her. Today’s reQall is an entirely different being.

iGotchi – Yeah, We “Adopted” One…



One of the striking things about the new iPhone firmware and the App Store is that they expand the appeal of the iPhone and iPod Touch in every direction. The 2.0 Firmware brings the iPhone to enterprise and numerous applications greatly increase its business appeal. At the same time, many new games increase the appeal of the devices for kids. Case in point-

Yes, the virtual-pet has come to the iPhone and… we’ve got one! (or does it have us?)

So dear friends meet WhatsOniPhone or… WOiP for short. 


Question Of The Day… What Holes Do You See In The App Store??


On July 13, 2008

Well, the Apps Store is up and running.

iTunes and Apple’s servers seem to have caught up with the initial deluge.

The lines at Apple’s retail stores and AT&T Wireless seem to a quieted a bit.

And many of us have had a chance to look around the App Store and download our initial apps.

So the big question today is this…


Do You Twitter??? Us Too!!!



Great news! In addition to subscribing to our RSS feed you can now follow us at Twitter. Just join us as a friend and you’ll get "Tweeted" with the latest iPhone and iPod Touch application news and reviews!

Our Twitter name?? "WhatsOniPhone" of course. (Pretty original, huh??)



Ya Gotta Love The Small Conveniences Like… Screen Capture



It is often those little conveniences that make a huge difference. You know, those things you don’t appreciate until they are gone or those things you didn’t know you even WANTED until you have them. That’s how I feel about the new screen capture ability built into the 2.0 firmware.

Wayne over at the amazing, "over 2 million visitors" Gear Diary reminded me that by simply holding down the "home" button and hitting the "power/sleep" button you can create a screen cap of the current image on your iPhone.


It even works with the iPod Touch.

Yeah, it is a little thing but it is really a sweet convenience.

Better Late Than Never— Apple (Finally) Offers iPhone Optimized



It struck me as funny ("funny"= "strange" not "funny"="ha ha") that just about everyone on the web came out with an iPhone optimized site over the last year except our friends at Apple. That’s right, Amazon had an iPhone optimized site, the New York Times had an iPhone optimized site but Apple, the creator and purveyour of iPhone goodness, didn’t offer and iPhone optimized site for their store or even their help pages. Well, now that’s finally changed.

Yeah! I Got My Apps Back… But Wait There’s More!


On July 12, 2008

My experience spending hours restoring my iPhone twice and then reloading my applications on to my iPhone earlier today should have left me wanting to step back and just enjoy my device for a bit. I’m not the only one. I had been speaking to my buddy Patrick from JustAnotheriPhoneBlog and we were both saying the same thing- we’ve been so busy setting up our devices and making notes on the experience that we haven’t really had a chance to play.

So that’s exactly what I was going to do… just USE the device for a bit. Then I noticed that the 2.0 Firmware upgrade was released for the iPod Touch and I couldn’t leave well enough alone.

I decided to go for it.

Uh Oh… I Erased My Apps… What Now?



Okay, I did something to my iPhone after upgraded and ended up having to reinstall the new firmware. It was working again but timing is everything and it went from bad to worse.

I had just unpacked a MacBook Pro and went to sync my iPhone to it instead of my Air. Uh Oh! Something went terribly wrong. My apps didn’t transfer. My music didn’t transfer. Time for reinstall number three!

By now I had gotten pretty good at installing iPhone firmware and getting everything set up. Hey, practice makes perfect and I was getting a whole lot of practice.

Not much later things were back up and running. There was one tiny little problem. Actually, it was more like a huge upsetting problem

My purchased apps- so far the offerings from Splash, OmniFocus, the apps from Big Stone Phone and FlipSide5 weren’t on my iPhone any longer and, while they were on my Air, I was getting a message that they would not load because the computer did not have permission to load them. 

Yup, I had spent sixty or seventy dollars on applications and I couldn’t find a way to reload them. I went to iTunes help but couldn’t find any information on it. I tried to call support but to no avail.

Come on Apple, you’ve had a full 24 hours- get some documentation up already. It isn’t like you have anything more important going on right now… like dealing with overwhealmed servers or anything.

I was getting frusterated. I sent an email to iTunes support. The emailed response said I would hear back in a day or so. Not surprisingly (to anyone who knows me, at least) my impatience got the better of me.