eReader On The iPhone- An Overview


On July 12, 2008

Yesterday I posted briefly about my excitement at discovering eReader had released an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Fictionwise, their parent company, had previously indicated that software for the devices would be coming but that it would not be until some time later in the year. And yet, here it was.

Ok, so maybe not so smooth…



Well, I got greedy.  I mean, I just couldn’t help myself.  I had to download all of it.  AIM, Evernote, AOL Radio, Weather Bug, Facebook, Truphone, all of it, at least 50 apps.

Know what it feels like when you eat too much of one thing and then get sick and can’t ever look at that food again?  Well apparently, so does my iPhone.

I don’t know if it was the App that sheds light on a dark hallway (Light), or the one that pushes music and matches it to my tastes (Pandora), but something definitely crashed my iPhone.  I think it was the green faced goblin guy (Smugshot), at least it was the last thing to run before the iPhone said, "Ok, THATS IT!  No more of this, I’m not your portable play thing!".

So, after all was said and done and I couldn’t get my iPhone to reboot correctly, I did a hard restart, uninstalled a bunch of stuff and started adding things one at a time.  Maybe this time around, I’ll take the time to check everything out more slowly.

I think I’m going to go lay down now.

Those Who Have Been Able To Upgrade Are “App-Happy”- Others… Not So Much


On July 11, 2008

The lines are long to get a 3G iPhone but even those who are looking to upgrade their first generation device are having to wait patiently. Apple’s servers seem to be overloaded and many who have upgraded iTunes are having to wait to get the App Store and iPhone 2.0 on their device.

Application Update…



It has been a rather busy day. We’ve been building the site, upgrading iPhones and doing some initial tests on some of the applications. I’m really quite pleased with the selection I have seen thus far and love the fact that things will only grow from here. Today proves that one really doesn’t need to upgrade to the 3G iPhone to enjoy the biggest upgrades- the apps. 3G speeds are nice and the gps chip will certainly make the location feature more accurate but even without those this thing is amazing. And, the battery life wil be better. Yes, I will end up upgrading but it is nice to know YOU DON’T HAVE TO.


I’m also pleased that, at least with regard to the 20 applications I already put on my iPhone, they don’t take up all that much space. That was a big concer of mine. I will note, however, that I had a tiny bit of instability. MyiPhone reset once today and after the initial loading of it, Jott would not start. I am currently removing it and will put it back on. Hopefully that makes a difference.


We are creating a game place to begin the review process for apps. I want to focus on some of the applications that really fill some of the initial blindspots that have thus far been part of the iPhone experience. So- I’ll be looking at AIM, the two offerings from SplashData, the three offerings from Big Stone Phone, Evernote, Jott, and eReader.


Dimitri is PSYCHED about OmniFocus, Heather’s eye got caught by a few of the games, Elana has her eye on some of the organizational and food applications, Rob is ready to go on the medical applications and everyone else has their eye on a number of apps, as well.


This is going to be FUN!


First Impressions of Firmware 2.0 and Resident Apps..



Sorry to be gushing but this is really quite something. The whole process went smoothly, the apps load as simply as music and they look and work fantastically.

I downloaded Evernote and synced the iPhone with Evernote’s server— I now have all my notes with me on my iPhone– amazing.

I downloaded Jott for iPhone and wll be trying that out and I discovered that the New York Times now has a resident version which I am also downloading as I type this.


First impressions confirm all that we suspected- with these additional applications the iPhone truly is a handheld computer. 





AOL Radio



AOL Radio is another FREE app.

It brings streaming music to the iPhone in a huge way and worlks amazingly well. Conclusion? XM and Sirius… be afraid.

How does it look? See for yourself…

OMG!!! Free Remote App Works Like A Charm



Unhappy that Apple stopped bundling their little white remote with new computers? If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch you don’t need to worry and longer.

The free Remote app available through the App Store not only replaces the remote but it is MUCH MORE POWERFUL.

Who Wants A New iPhone On “Old” Hardware? ME



Taking a break from looking around the App Store and getting ready to begin the review process I decided to upgrade my "old" iPhone to the new firmware.

I downloaded the firmware, changed the extension and it is currently upgrading to 2.0. 

So far so good.

The first software I want to test out??? EVERNOTE, EREADER and the excellent offerings from SPLASHDATA!!!



UPDATE: restore is going smoothly!




UPDATE- Firmware Version 2.0!!!!


UPDATE: Not bothering to resync music so that I can check out a few apps.





The Real News is not 3G but the App Store!


On July 10, 2008

Check out this post from our friends at Gear Diary…

Big News!!!! iPhone 2.0 Out, eReader Out, Evernote Out…



So iPhone 2.0 Firmware is out and I am downloading it now.

The App Store is nothing short of AMAZING. The variety of applications, the number of free apps. WOW.

Two to look for…

eReader Released a reader for the iPhone. They said it was comining before the end of 2008. Well, it is before the end of 2008! eBook on iPhone!!!!

Evernote released a free app for the iPhone. All your data all the time… Wow!