Hey! Who Changed My Song?


On June 27, 2008

Ok, so I’m listening to my favorite band (Dave Matthews if you must know) on iTunes, and just when they are about to get to the part about hiking up the skirt…

BAM, someone changed the tune.  Now all I hear is Laurie Berkner and the endless ranting about butterflies and rainbows…

You see, I’ve got my iTunes hooked up wirelessly through AirPort to my stereo so I can stream music from my Mac around the house, but now someone has gotten their hands on it!!!

Its not like someone could just walk up to my computer and change the song, I keep that door locked at all times to prevent such a rude awakening (I get into my music).  So of course I check the door and it’s still locked, so what’s going on?





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Date: 2008-06-26



The Shelves Are Getting Stocked…


On June 26, 2008

The cabinetry is in. The cash register has been set atop the counter. The shipments have arrived. The price of goods has been set. Now all that’s left is to stock the shelves and open the doors.

Yup, my favorite new shop will soon be open for business.

According to a post over at TUAW the App Store’s shelves are getting stocked already.

Finally, A Useful iPhoneApp! “Brewing Buddy” Coming To AppStore




TrouserMac Industires has announced their upcoming contribution to the AppStoree freebies- a little gem they’re calling-


BrewingBuddy brings a beer recipe calculation tool, a brewing helper, and means to share brewing recipes with others to the iPhone. While hops aren’t included, this could be a handy little application. 

In fact, I could actually use this app. A few years back my in-laws got me a brewing kit for my birthday. For some reason I just couldn’t seem to get it right. With BrewingBuddy maybe it will be time to try again.

According to TrouserMac

BrewingBuddy helps you formulate a beer recipe to a particular style or your own style.  Add ingredients and see how they change the formulation of the beer.  When you are ready to brew, BrewingBuddy will help by being your timekeeper.  Have a great recipe you want to share?  BrewinBuddy will let you share that with anyone via our recipe trading site. BrewingBuddy will also help you by keeping tons of great brewing reference information right at your fingertips.

We’re Getting Closer… Gen. 2 Firmware Goes Gold…



According to TUAW (via Gizmodo and GearLive)  iPhone 2.0 firmware will go golden master (ie- final version released and ready to go) this week.

While Golden master doesn’t offer any indication on timing, it is one more step on the way to the next generation iPhone firmware/hardware combo.

Which all got me thinking…

While I really can’t imagine too many people choosing not to upgrade to the 2.0 Firmware (there are way too many improvements that will come with it) I can see people choosing to continue to live with their 1st Generation iPhone after upgrading the firmware.

After all, the 3G iPhone really is an evolutionary product rather than a real leap forward. Sure, 3G speed is nice but even without GPS the location function works pretty well and the cheap plastic back, extra $10 a month for data and potential battery hit mean the 3G is actually a bit of a trade-off compared to the 1st Gen.

So here’s my plan… 

iPhone 3G Not Yet Released– Already A Hit



It wasn’t all that ong ago that skeptics were wondering if Steve Jobs bit off a bit more than he can chew when he said that Apple would sell 10 million iPhones by the end of 2008.

Well guess who is already having the last laugh…

According to AppleInsider

Checks within Apple’s supply chain reveal the iPhone maker to have hiked its iPhone 3G build orders through the end of the year to more than 15 million, according to one Wall Street analyst.

But wait… there’s more….

iPhone 3G- Cradle- Optional… Case- Not So Much


On June 25, 2008

As many suspected might be the case, in order to reduce their cost on the 3G iPhone, Apple has followed an increasingly common practice.

They no longer include a cradle with iPods.

They no longer include a remote with MacBooks.

And now, they no longer include a cradle with the iPhone.

The price comparison Apple is making at every opportunity is rather deceptive. They say the original iPhone was $499 while the 3G iPhone is $199 when the original iPhone included a $48 accessory the 3G does not.

If you want to actually compare apples to apples, the price is actually $499 vs $248 (3G iPhone + $48 cradle).

Yes Apple, it is certainly a whole lot less out of pocket for the 3G but at least be HONEST about what you get. Sure you can still buy one for $48 but that is a full 25% of the 3G’s price. I

The good news, however, is that the cradle is entirely optional and thos epurchasing the 3G iPhone can easily do without it.

That is NOT, however, the case with regard to…

Make Your Virtual Voice Heard At What’s On iPhone!



Are you excited about the new mini-portable-computer that arrives July 11th?  You know the one, that flat glass thing you keep in your pocket that has finger prints all over the front and the occasional scratch here and there? You know… THE BEST MOBILE DEVICE EVER!!!!!

Well we are- its why we started Whats On iPhone in the first place!  And now we’re looking for a few more excited folks to join our cause.  

If you’ve ever wanted to get your virtual voice heard, now is the time.

If you have ever wanted to get in on the ground floor of an iPhone blog and be part of its growth, now is the time.

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Christmas Comes Early For Apple



The biggest challenge to Apple’s impending dominance in the smartphone market comes from a cellphone maker with even less experience than Apple had… a year ago.

Yup, the biggest issue that Apple faces isn’t from any of the current giants in the cell-phone industry but from Google. Just a few months ago Google’s upcoming Android platform seemed to have it all.

It had the backing of Google and numerous other heavy-weights.

It was planned to be open-source so that manufacturers could use it in a variety of form-factors.

It look awesome- or at least the early demoes of the platform looked awesome.

It was coming fast and furious. 

Well now word comes that that last little point may not be the case. Android phone are indeed coming… but they aren’t coming as fast or as furious as we expected.

iPhone Goes Mainstream- and We’re On It With “iPhone Apps For Busy Moms”



Join us in welcoming our newest writer Heather.

Heather’s been using her iPhone since day one and absolutely loves it.

She uses it for her work as office/corporate interior designer but she also finds it invaluable as the mother of two beautiful and growing kids.

Her iPhone means she always has her camera with her and can immediately send new pictures to share with the grandparents. Since Heather keeps the family blog, she can use her iPhone to post directly to it as events occur. (Let’s hear it for TypePad’s upcoming iPhone blogging software.)

Heather’s iPhone means she can turn on the Laurie Berkner songs while driving to help keep the kids quiet and she can plug in her headphones and escape for a bit to some of her favorite Dave Matthews tunes when its her husband’s turn to watch the kids.

Heather is going to be reviewing the entire spectrum of applications but is going to offer a special section called "iPhone Apps For Busy Moms" which will suggest and review some of the apps she find most useful for the more important of her two full-time jobs.

Join us in welcoming Heather to Whats On iPhone and look for her first post soon.