Editor’s Choice: Top 5 Apps of the week [Table Top Racing, Little Inferno, Jumpin Jackabee & more]


On February 1, 2013

For all those who haven’t had the time or were too lazy to search the App Store, we make things easy for you. See here are our top picks for this week. Table Top Racing ($2.99) We all have spend much time of our childhood riding a toy car on a table. Now, imaging you are a tiny guy […]

Editor’s Choice: Top 5 Apps of the week [Undead Slayer, Wave Trip, Cycloramic 2.0 & more]


On January 25, 2013

What’s On iPhone has always offered the best for its readers and today we are happy to introduce the Editor’s Choice section where we bring you the Top 5 Apps of the Week. For all those who haven’t had the time or were too lazy to research the App Store, we make things easy for you. So, here are […]

Phoneclean 2 – Free up space on iPhone & iPad


On January 23, 2013

The lack of an SD card slot in iOS devices is a major left out and this makes each megabyte on our storage extra special. As such, an application like PhoneClean 2 claiming to free up space on your iPhone or iPad is always welcome. This is what the developers have to say about their product: PhoneClean is uniquely designed to […]

Top 10 rated iPhone games of 2012


On January 10, 2013

qi banner sml

Quality Index revealed the top 10 critically acclaimed iPhone games of 2012. 2012 was another stellar year for iPhone gaming, with quite literally thousands of titles released on the App Store. Some of them were brilliant. Some of them weren’t. This annual round-up of iPhone software is here to highlight the former and shun (in the nicest […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Best iPad Accessories


On December 17, 2012

So you are one of the lucky folks to get a new iPad, or perhaps you are planning on getting one for someone else. Either way, you are going to want to find some great deals on iPad accessories and extras, like headphones, cases, Smart Covers, stylus pens, screen protectors, and connecters/dongles. Well, once again […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Best iPhone Accessories



Is your iPhone, or the iPhone of someone you know, looking like it needs some accessories? Is that iPhone 4, 4S, or even 5 beginning to feel less useful? Either way you are going to want to find some great deals on iPhone accessories and extras. Things like like headphones, cases, car mounts, docks, screen […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Best iPad mini Accessories


On December 15, 2012

That new iPad mini is looking really nice there on the table. The only problem is that iPad needs a case, a smart cover, a screen protector, a stylus… you know, the essentials. Well, we have taken the time to find the deals for you. Here are some great accessories for your Apple iPad mini! […]

Apple Released “App Store Best of 2012”



2012 has been a stellar year for the iOS when it comes to apps. So many great app have made their way across the iTunes front page, many of which are from brand new developers to the mobile platform. Apple recently released their picks for best app and best game of 2012 and so we […]

Best Black Friday Deals on iOS Apps


On November 23, 2012

You might have seen the article on best Black Friday deals on iPhone and iPad accessories and when we are done with the hardware, comes the turn of apps. This year is a huge one with plethora of Developers including gaming legends like EA and Gameloft announcing huge discounts on their popular titles. As always, […]

Black Friday 2012: Deals on iPhone, iPad and iPod Accessories!


On November 22, 2012

Black Friday – The first day of US shopping season, which has been known to break all purchase records, year after year. Speaking in Tech terms, laptops, tablets, mobiles, you mention it and all are available on huge discounts. Among these, is another class of products which is sometimes forgotten amidst the mainstream devices; the […]