Best word games for iPhone and iPad


On October 16, 2013

Word games are one of the most addictive and easiest-to-play games out there. And that is why, thousands of them have plagued the AppStore. Here are some handpicked ones to make things easy for you.   Letterpress (Free) This game was a huge trend-setter in the recent past with its too simple looks and unique […]

Most addictive games for iPhone and iPad


On September 12, 2013

Addictive games – though they steal alot of productive hours out of our lives, these are among the most liked genre of games. Of course, they can be a great asset while waiting at the subway or attending a boring lecture, too. So here are some of the most addictive games available on iOS.   […]

Best accelerometer based games for iPhone and iPad


On September 10, 2013

In the vast world of iOS games, many use inclination and position variations as a primary input rather than your taps. Thanks to the gyroscope in addition to the accelerometer in newer devices, these controls have become more fluid, user-friendly and bug-free. Though more strenuous than playing touch games, they provide more realistic experience and […]

Simogo’s next game will be called DEVICE 6


On August 1, 2013

Many won’t remember Simogo¬†just by their name. But you’ll surely be familiar with their two super hit games, Year Walk and Beat Sneak Bandit. Both these games were noted because of the innovative and never-before gameplays. Looks like Simogo is here to repeat history with their new game, DEVICE 6. Here is their preview trailer: […]

EPOCH 2 will be on the App Store soon


On July 29, 2013

Uppercut Games is back! Their first release EPOCH. was such a hit that even after one and half years, it is still on the App Store’s front page. And the reason for that is eye popping visuals, sensible touch controls and an innovative gameplay. Now its time for something better, EPOCH 2. All those great […]

Le Vamp is the free app of the week


On July 26, 2013

Le Vamp is the Editor’s choice for the best free app of the week. If that name sounds familiar, you’re not mistaken. It was spotlighted once before too, close to when it first appeared on the App Store. This two-time featured app, which normally costs 99 cents will be available for free, through this week. […]

Will Colossatron: Massive World Threat be our next addiction?


On July 23, 2013

Halfbrick studios are already in the spotlight with their two phenomenal games, Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride. And hence, it is not surprising to see the hype it created when they announced their next game, Colossatron: Massive World Threat. An endless game where you are the giant robotic snake creating havoc around the world. All […]

Asterix: MegaSlap coming to iOS this Thursday



I have always enjoyed The adventures of Asterix comics as well as Asterix and Obelix cartoons as a child. And that is why I couldn’t help jump on the bed when I heard that the unbeatable hero of Gaul will soon make his entry into iOS. Thanks to innovative thinking by BulkyPix, Asterix: MegaSlap, an […]

Best FPS games for iPhone and iPad


On July 19, 2013

Thanks to powerful chips and awesome iOS platform, iPhone and iPad have undoubtedly replaced portable game consoles. Today we’ll be taking a tour on the best first person shooter games available for iOS. Modern Combat 4 – Zero Hour Modern Combat 4 is arguably the best FPS game on iOS, so far. It is not […]

Whatsapp Messenger updated with iCloud backup, multi-send UI; the app is now free


On July 18, 2013

The ‘sixth most popular paid app of all time‘ is now free. The popular cross platform messaging app, Whatsapp Messenger is down to free from 99 cents. It is also worth noting that this app has always been free on all other mobile operating systems, except iOS. In March, Whatsapp announced that they will be […]