My Favorite iPhone Camera App


On May 22, 2009

It is a pretty safe bet that one key upgrade we’ll see when the next generation iPhone hardware is unveiled is an improved camera. The current camera is, at the same time, both mediocre and the best camera I have ever owner. It is mediocre since it is a 2MP, fixed camera that takes pictures that are, at best, good enough. It is "the best" since it is ALWAYS with me which means I can always grab a shot if the opportunity presents itself while, in the past the words "I wish I had a camera with me" were commonplace.

One other thing the iPhone’s camera already has going for it is the wealth of apps available for tweaking images. My favorite, by far, never ceases to impress and amaze me.

Reason Enough To Jailbreak…



NO, I’m not suggesting you jailbreak your iPhone. If you do it is on you… whatsoniphone is not responsible. BUT…

If you do, there are some amazing things you can do with your iPhone that are otherwise impossible. Larry shared one last week when he described how one can enable streaming of Sling video over 3G. (A major "do it at your own risk" by the way.)

Well, for a variety of reasons I had to jailbreak my iPhone.

I’ve since been playing around a bit and am more wow than I had previosuly been when I briefly jailbroke a few months ago.

One of the most amazing things you can do with it after removing the shackles is this…

Just A Friendly Reminder From Your Friends At WOiP



There are lots of apps from which we could choose at this point, but as a growing fan of FriendFeed this seemed like a good way to mention that…

Update – Read It Later



I’ve been a huge fan of Read It Later since Derick first reviewed it a few weeks back.

I love the integration with Firefox, the flexibility and the way it seemlessly integrates into my browsing routine.

It was, however, a bit slow to sync my articles if it had been a busy day of RIL-ing. No longer…

iPhone Novelty App Of The Day… Beer Opener



What will those wacky iPhone developers come up with next… now…

After A Day Shooting Your Virtual iPhone Gun (there are many from which to choose) You Can Now Drink Some Virtual Beer opened with… BEER OPENER.

No review… no commentary… just a quick video. (Okay, SOME commentary… notice the not so subtle camera angle…Frank Zappa would be PROUD!!!!)


More Powerful iPhone Rumors Buoyed By Job Listing – News Of The Day


On May 21, 2009

Rumors are one thing… jobs listings a very different animal entirely. I wouldn’t be shocked if some of the rumors that have been spilling out have been started by Apple themselves. They tend to do a far better job than anone else at keeping us guessing until THEY are ready to spill the beans.

All that goes to say that ANY rumor is little mroe than prognostication at this point.

But rumors are one thing… and job listings a very different one.

Quick Look and Giveaway – Photo Resize


On May 20, 2009

I was really impressed with Multi-Photo, an app that allows you to send multiple photos at once. Photo Resize lets you send up to 15 images at once AND reduce their size significantly in order to save bandwidth.

This easy to use app scales and compresses photos to more email friendly dimensions, and then sends them using 60% less data than would otherwise be required.

Now lets face it, the quality of photos taken with the iPhone isn’t all that great to begin with and this makes them even worse but… if they are only being viewed on another phone… this can be a great way to quickly and easily share a bunch of pictures at once.

In our usage it worked well, did what it said and, for $.99 whats there to complain about…

Get it HERE. Oh, and there is a Lite version too.

We have a copy to give away… to enter to win just tell us your best iPhone camera story…

iPhone Set To Take Another Huge Step As The Ultimate Handheld Computer



I convinced my friend and colleague Ted to get an iPhone about a year ago. (In fact, I’ve gotten almost all the people I wrk with using and iPhone or Touch.) It was, however, a sad state of affairs. Ted under-utilized the thing terribly. Until recently that is. Lately he’s been finding more and more way to use it. Ted is a musician and is blown away by all the musical apps that are available… (although his most recent aquisition was no less that SmackTalk! I LOVE that app.)

Last night he commented… "Man, this thing is a handheld computer… not a phone!" To which I said, "Duh!"

Well the "handheld computer not a phone" is taking another huge step in the next few days. Word is dataViz just submitted Documents To Go for iPhone to the AppStore for approval. It will be interesting to see what it means to have a real document suite on the iPhone… especially if iPhone OS 3.0 allows keyboard to be attached in some way.

We’ll let you know as soon as it becomes available.

“Where There Is A Will There Is A Way”


On May 19, 2009

Quick… don’t think about pink elephants…

And what it is you ARE thinking about.. why pink elephants, of course.

It’s human nature. That which we are told NOT to think about enters our thoughts. AND that which we are told we MAY NOT DO we, or at least a significant number of us, will TRY to find a way to do.

That’s the danger with Apple’s tight control over the App Store submission and approval process. People will always find a workaround and, as one recent example shows, it could become a huge problem.

SmackTalk! – Review and More!



This is a first for us here on WOiP… The entire review is this video…

Why? Because the app isn’t all that complex but it is soooooo funny and… oh, just take a look and you’ll see why…



Quick Take

Value: LOVE IT!!!
Would I Buy Again: Oh YEAH!
Learning Curve: Zero
Who Is It For: Anyone with a sense of humor
What I Like: FUNNY!!!
What I Don’t: Nothing!

Final Statement: Love this app. Buy it right now… then…

My buddy Patrick recently sat down with Marcus Hobbs, developer of SmackTalk! and has a great interview over on his site JustAnotheriPhoneBlog. Jump on over and give the full interview a look.