Update – StickWars


On May 18, 2009

     Two huge updates have come down for StickWars.  The updats have made the game a whole lot more fun!  Many new graphics as well as some tweaks of a couple of the things I did not like about the game have made this a really good tower defense game.  This is worth the $.99 asking price!


– Enemies now have weapons.

– New enemy:  Flying dragons!

– New wizard spell allows you to launch fireballs.

– Command Prisoners to charge out and fight off enemies.

– Added a sun as a level progress meter.

– Bug fixes.

– Less lag.

– Improved meteor launch detection.

– No longer have to wait for a capture to finish a level.

– New background music.

– Wizard man regain rate decreased.

– Reduced archer damage.

– Repairmen repair amount increased.

– Rounds shorter.

– More money for kills.

– Cheat codes enabled!!


Buy it here.

Update – Slacker Radio



It’s been a bit slow in the app-update world for the past few days but this more than makes up for it…

When the Slacker Radio app first came out I wasn;t all that impressed. I was, at the time, a die-hard Pandora fan and saw no need to look further. Then Coach/Travis (WHOSE BIRTHDAY IS TODAY!! HAPPY B-DAY OLD MAN!) told me what a huge fan he was of it and I gave it another look. I was sold, I like the interface, the music selection and the fact that Slacker Pro is a bargain!

And now this BIG update…


Instaviz Update and Giveaway


On May 17, 2009

We were amomng the first sites to review Instaviz, the powerful iPhone/touch mindmapping app. Our Quick Take sums up our thoughts rather well…

Quick Take

Value:  If you use it high but Iam not convinced I would use it
Would I Buy Again:  Not yet sure
Learning Curve: Medium due to the lack of instructions (Watch the video if you buy)
Who is it for:  Organized people who like to mind map
What I like:  Impressive applicatio that actually works well
What I Don’t:   Some rough sides to it. The concept itelf is still an open question to me.

Final Statement: Instaviz is an impressive app. If you mind map, get organized best through visual means it is definitely worth a look.

Among our chief criticisms was the limited sharing ability provided by the app. As a result we concluded, "In all I find the application to be intriguing but definitely a version 1 release."

Well, Instaviz is no longer a Version 1 app! A recent update adds some excellent sharing capabilitites. We have details… and a chance to win a copy after the jump…

Bazaar Grocery Shopping & Recipes – Code Winners!


On May 16, 2009

     This weekend the following users will have a much easier time at the grocery store.  Congratulations to the winners and thanks for the recipes.  For a review and the recipes check out the post Here.




Check your inboxes for your redemption codes.

Mophie Juice Pack Air Winner…



Good News… The Mophie Juice Pack Air is a case and battery in one. It protects the device while giving it a great deal of extra run-time.

Bad News… The Mophie Juice Pack Air is form-fitting. This means it works with the iPhone 3G but not the iPhone Classic. It also means it might not work with the next generation iPhone if there are any physical changes in it.

Possible Good News… A frequent rumor has the next Gen iPhone sharing the same physical design with the iPhone 3G. If true, that means the Juice Pack might be "future-proof".

Better News… One of our readers is getting on for free thanks to the good folks are Mophie.

For more information on the battery visit Mophie’s site.

One winner was chosen at random and that winner is…

WOiP “Q and A”



One of our readers sent along the following question. It is a good one and we are always happy to try and recommend the best app or approach for a given task.

Our answer to her query can be found after the jump… If you have a different suggestion feel free to leave it in the comments.

Her question…

I have been using a PDA and have a ton of notes I use for my nursing career (cheat sheets, if you will). Is there a way to beam or send the notes from my PDA to an app on my itouch without having to retype all the notes?  Seems a lot of people like iconicnotes/good reviews.  If no way to send/beam the notes, any way to retype the notes on the computer then transfer them to my itouch instead of typing on the small itouch keyboard?



Rumor Roundup May 15, 2009


On May 15, 2009

Ah yes… each day moves us a day closer to WWDC (Profound aren’t I!!) And each day brings its share of new rumors.

There were a few juicy ones today that build upon other information we’ve been receiving. All of which adds up to one key point — there are some exciting things brewing in the iPhone and iPod world but few actually know what actually IS brewing. Still, watching the rumors fly by is good fun.

Here is my favorite..

Rumor Round-up May 14, 2009


On May 14, 2009

Ah yes, WWDC is getting closer and closer and the rumors are becoming increasingly frequent.

Here’s a quick look at what we saw throughout the blogosphere yesterday… be prepared, it is a rollercoaster…

iNews News



iNews gets even better with yet another update.

 – It now offers two way sync of favorite articles to google reader starred articles – You can now download full articles in mobile format for pinned articles

 – They have added an open in "Safari" link

 – They have added Send to Read It Later

 -There are additional shorten url option from is.gd & tr.im

 -You can download all images with a single button

 -There is a PRO Mode for advanced rss reader users

 Best of all, once again it is ON SALE: $0.99 (Normal price is $3.99) More info and a link HERE.

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iPhone and iPod Touch Cradles From Konnet – Review


On May 13, 2009

Konnet is a newcomer in the US iPhone an iPod accessory market.

Their offerings, while not extensive, bring a unique look and feel in a market filled with copycats. Today I’d like to look at the two doc offerings in their lineup –