Giveaway – Mophie Juice Pack


On May 13, 2009

The Mophie Juice Pack is an impressive external battery for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The device-specific batteries add a tremendous amount of runtime with no loss in device functionality.

So how do you beat such a great design? Make it lighter, have it function as a protective case and call it the Juice Pack air. That’s how.

And how do you make that EVEN better? Make it free. Yup, thanks toour friends at Mophie we have a Juice Pack Air to give away to one lucky reader.

For details on the battery and instructions on how to win keep reading….


How to run the Slingbox iPhone Application on 3G



When Mac Rumors first leaked the story that the Slingbox application for the iPhone was set to launch cries of joy rang out from iPhone users everywhere.  That is until they read further and learned that the application would only run on a wifi connection.  For fear of overloading their network AT&T apparently asked Apple to restrict use of the Slingbox application.

Luckily for those users who running Jailbroken iPhones there’s a nifty utility called "VOIPover3G" which tricks applications into thinking there is a wifi connection present when in fact there’s only a 3G.  This allows the Slingbox application to work perfectly over your 3G connection.

Set up of this utility isn’t difficult but as when any tinkering you do with your iPhone’s system files, please do so at your own risk.

Must-Have Apps – Multi-Photo



Archie reviewed Multi-Photo back in January and gave it top marks. As he explained…

I love the camera on my iPhone… not because it’s great — it isn’t. Part of it is because I always have it with me, true, but that’s not the whole story as I have had a camera on many past phones and not used them nearly as much. I think I use the iPhone camera more because I can get the photos I take to other people much more quickly and in a variety of ways. I take a picture and I can easily put it on Facebook, send it to my friends, or put it up on Flickr. This app, Multi-Photo Email, helps to get that done. Even though it is easy to email out a picture taken on the iPhone, it is a real pain to email out multiple pictures at the same time. Multi-Photo Email takes the pain away.

I took a look at it at the time but for some reason didn’t buy it. Then, the other day,

Slingbox Mobile for iPhone and iPod Touch… First Look



Slingplayer Mobile for iPhone and iPod Touch is live in the App Store. For $30 you too can watch TV anywhere… so long as you have WiFi access. (Thanks AT&T… for nothing…)

Leaving the controversy aside we wanted to give you a quick look at the app. The short version… set up is simple, the app works great and if you MUST have access to all the shows on your Tivo or live tv… it is a great app.

Here are some screen caps from the initial start up of the app…

“Slimy Of The Week” Award Goes To… AT&T



Okay… so it is all over the blogosphere that Slingplayer Mobile for iPhone will arrive in the next few hours. (As of this post it is live in the UK.) It is also well known that the original app was submitted a while back but was held up so that 3G access could be removed. Moreover, it is clear now that, as suspected, AT&T was the evil force behind the crippling of the app. Engadget has the full release and some scathing comments to offer. Comments based on such things as AT&T making a distinction between "dumb phones" and "smart phones" even though some of those "dumb phones" are pretty smart and VERY video savy. Comments based on AT&T suddenly stating that it considers "smartphones like the iPhone to be personal computers in that they have the same hardware and software attributes as PCs." and that, as a result, a different standard applies to it than other phones. Comments based on the fact that some phones on AT&T’s network ALREADY run Slingplayer and AT&T says nothing.

All of this is annoying. It is not, however, the reason I am giving AT&T the "Slimy of the Week Award". This is…

Live, In Color but not 3G… Slingplayer Mobile Is Live



Slingplayer is live, I’m $30 poorer.. and will have a first look soon…

Rumor Roundup 5/11/09


On May 12, 2009

WWDC is just a month away and that can mean only one thing… a flurry of iPhone OS and hardware rumors.

The latest rumors making the rounds come from an anonymous poster on a Chinese Apple fan site. (So you KNOW it’s reliable!!) Posted over on AppleInsider, patapon200 writes that he (she?) used a prototype of the next-gen iPhone thanks to a friend who works  (used to??) at Foxconn, the site of iPhone manufacturing.

The long and short of it….


iPhone Kindle Store App Has A Little Trick Up Its Sleeve



The announcement that Amazon launched a new iPhone optimized site for the Kindle Store was a terrific step in the right direction for iPhone-carrying Kindle owners. What i did not pick up on, but 9to5 mac did was this interesting little tidbit…

Big News On The Kindle iPhone App Front


On May 11, 2009

One of the biggest complaints many of us have with regard to the Kindle app for iPhone and iPod Touch is that it is effectively "read only".

In other words, you can access your bookshelf and sync your position back to Amazons servers, but you cannot browse or buy books from it the way you can on the Kindle itself.

Well, you still can’t… but Amazon has gone and done the next best thing.

iPhone Crushes AT&T Network.. News Of The Day



Grandma used to say "Be careful what you wish for…" (Okay she didn’t but if she HAD used any pithy maxims this might well have been one of them.)

Well, AT&T got its wish in the form of the game changing, network saving device known as the iPhone but, as with all things, there is a downside, as well. 

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting piece over the weekend that detailed the benefits… and challenges… to AT&T of having the iPhone on its system. As they put it…

the iPhone is expensive for AT&T, and not just because of the heavy subsidies on the initial purchase price. Users of iPhone download games, video and other Web data at two to four times the rate of other smartphone users, according to comScore. Yet AT&T charges iPhone subscribers the same fee of $30 a month for data that it levies on other smartphone customers. And aside from restricting certain activities, like file sharing, AT&T doesn’t limit how much data can be downloaded.

The article goes on to point out that, according to one study, during one mid-day hour 69% of AT&Ts bandwidth was being used by web browsing. It is a safe bet that a good deal of that was via iPhones.