Some Twitter App News For The New Week


On May 11, 2009

A quick look at the number of Twitter clients available on the iPhone might lead one to conclude that it is the dominant form of communication these days.

Then again, considering that an astounding 60% of new Twitterers stopped tweeting within a month, if it is THE form of communication… we’re in trouble.

Never-the-less, there are Twitter clients everywhere you look. Last week Twittelator Pro got updated AGAIN and Twitterific was updated to version 2.0.

And while these are among the biggees, they are, by no means, the only ones making app news this weekend.

Top Gun – Review (What iPhone Gaming Can and Should Be!!)


On May 10, 2009

On Sale right now… Top Gun is worth grabbing and then… read our review.

App description…

Defend the skies in the most authentic first person jet shooter game on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Attempt to become one of the few to survive the "Highway to the Danger Zone". Shoot down enemy jets, dodge incoming air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles. Navigate dangerous environments and obliterate the enemy’s air power. You are a new recruit under the guidance and training of Maverick and Iceman, now teachers at the Top Gun Academy. A new, hostile Communist threat has begun encroaching upon our Naval space, and it is up to you to fend off these unfriendly bogies in your supersonic fighter jet . Strap Yourself In – And  through the skies in either an F-11 Raptor or a B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber. Torch Your Enemy With Heavy Firepower – Fire targetlocking missiles or strafe enemy positions and aircraft with Vulcan cannons. Avoid The Danger Zone – Incoming air-to-air and sutface-to-air missiles as well as aerial and ground-based obstacles create multiple "Danger Zones· that must be avoided. Progress Through 10 In-Depth Mission, – In a vafiety of environments, including oceans, de,eftS. canyons and city centers. Earn Medal, and Achievements – While progressing through each mission. Blast To The Beat – Fly and battle to "Danger Zone" and other hard-hitting track. Customizable Handle, – Create any moniker: Maverick, Iceman, Goose. Merlin. etc. Classified files Inside – featuring unlockable content and Easter eggs. 


OUR Take…



iNews… News



There are two bits of news on the iNews RSS Reader front.

First… gdiplus just submitted, and had accepted, a lite version of iNews. The lite version is, of course free but is limited to just six news sources. It does, however, include all the wonderful, rich features of the full version including Tilt Scrolling.

Here, once again, is a quick video of the app in action…

The second bit of news, exclusive to WOiP, is a bit more exciting. In every email I have sent the the developer I have mentioned how much the app would increase its appeal if it offered full sync with Google Reader. Well, good news…


Saturday’s “Really?!? You’re Joking, Right?”


On May 9, 2009

Welcome to the first edition of Saturday "Really!?! You’re Joking, Right?" Apps. This post is dedicated to a few apps that appeared this week that prompted head-scratching, bewilderment and the question… "Are you joking?"

My hope? That we get to the point sooner, rather than later, that so few people buy apps like this that people STOP MAKING THEM.

In the meantime… let the head-scratching being…

Twitterific 2.0 Is Twitterific-er Than Ever


On May 8, 2009

(Okay, sorry for the title… it has been a long week.)
I have long been a huge fan of Twittelator Pro. It was early to be out of the gate and has been updated regularly. Since then there have been a huge number of Twitter apps released. Some are quite good. Others are… less so.
One of the other early releases Twitterific just got a neat update to version 2.0.

Emergency Radio for iPhone and iPod Touch – Review



Currently number 2 on the list of the iTunes App Store’s top paid applications, Emergency Radio allows you easily follow the action of over 900 police, fire, EMS and other emergency frequencies.  Whether you want to keep tabs on what’s going on in your own backyard or listen in to the happenings on the other side of the country Emergency Radio streams a a variety of emergency services feeds right to your iPhone.  Time to put that old Radio Shack scanner on Ebay.

Emergency Radio boasts having over 900 emergency services streams for you to choose from.  And it does.  Searching for content is quite simple though.  You can view a list of all the available streams in alphabetical order or if you know the name of the stream you’re looking for you can simply type it in the search box.

Truphone Microphone Adaptor Winners



Truphone just made it a bit easier for owners of iPod Touch 2gs to turn their iPod into a phone. With ala carte and all you can eat plans, Truphone makes high quality voip calls relatively inexpensive. The best thing about it?… the iPhone/touch app works GREAT and the call quality is terrific.

Personally, I find Truphone to be a much better solution on my iPhone and Touch than Skype. I only wish they also offered a desktop version for, if they did, I would use it instead of SkypeOut.

Well, as we posted a few days ago, Truphone released a microphone adapter that lets you use standard headphone and an iPod Touch 2G for making calls. Details can be found HERE. The two recipients of adapters thanks to Truphone can be found after the jump…

Rapidweaver Glide Template Makes It Simple To “iPhone Optimize” Your Website Without Even Trying



I received a copy of RapidWeaver, a powerful Mac application for creating highly customizable websites using a variety of templates, as part of an application bundle last year. When I decided to redo a website I had long been unhappy with a few months back, I gave it a try and was impressed.I just tried a new template and am now even more impressed by the power, and adaptability, of the system.

One of the best things about the application is that, because RapidWeaver uses templates that are, for the most part, interchangeable, updating the look and functionality is rather simple. If you don’t like the way a site looks or functions you can simply choose a different template. Although it may take a tweak here or there, the entire look, but not structure of the site, can be changed in a relatively brief amount of time.That’s not, however, the BEST thing…

Just Another Mobile Monday – suffering temporary “work action”



Doug just sent an email to say that Justanothermobilemonday is "experiencing some temporary Internet provider concerns".

Translation… the site is down but will soon be back.

Ahhh… technology… so nice… when it works.

Soon In The App Store – Digits



It is a common issue if you use your iPhone as your main note, contact, calendar etc device. You need to take down a phone number but because you have gone digital you just don’t seem to have a pen or pencil available. Sure you can open one of dozens of notes apps and type the number there. Or you can type the number into an email and send it to yourself. But that is the equivalent of writing a note on a scrap of paper. You do it with the best of intentions and then… leave it in your pocket when the jeans go into the laundry. The result… clean jeans and no phone number.


Smudgeapps is about to come out with a neat little utility that makes grabbing phone numbers on the go and adding them to your address book a snap. Digits is a simple, rather basic utility that lets you grab a number, add a first and last name and save the information in seconds.