Terminator Salvation – Quick Video First Look


On May 7, 2009

Terminator Salvation just came out for the iPhone. This isn’t your basic "advertise the movie" thrown-together application. No, this is a full, real, awesome game.

I did a VERY quick first look to give you a better sense. This was the third try and I think you can see what I was hoping to be able to share… the game is GREAT!!

Take a look…


New iPhone AND Lower Monthly Cost? – News Of The Day



Now this is the kind of rumor/report I like. According to Scott Moritz of TheStreet, AT&T is considering a drop in the basic iPhone monthly plan from $69 to $59.

If true, that comes out to a savings of almost $250 a year on the service plan or, we hope, in the range of the price of the new hardware if you are upgrading to a new 2 year contract.

Clearly Apple and AT&T are feeling the heat from the upcoming Palm Pre and the host of new Android devices expected. For once, the free market might actually benefit us consumers.


The Street via MacRumors

Update and On Sale – iNews



I am, and continue to be, a huge fan of rss reader app iNews. It is fast, has a great ui and is a pleasure to use. Sure, I wish it synched with Google Reader (and it hopefully will soon) but it is so good that I love using it. There are three bits of news on the iNews front.

The Most Exciting iPhone App Update EVER!!



Okay, that title might be a tiny bit of an exaggeration… but not by much.

Seriously, it felt like a relatively slow iPhone app week thus-far but this particular iPhone app update has changed all that for me.

It MADE the week app-wise! Seriously.

I’m not joking.

I’m not joking about this next part either…

Before you read any further go to QuickVoice and purchase the app for $.99.

I’m actually quite serious.

If we have earned any degree of trust here on WOiP TRUST ME NOW!!!! BUY THIS APP.

(Disclaimer- I/we have absolutely NO association with them whatsoever. This is an app I personally bought for myself and I have had no contact with the developer.)

Why should you buy it??? Let me tell you.

Is your iPhone changing your typing habits?


On May 6, 2009

I have done a lot of writing on my iPhone. It has become my primary email tool and I do the majority of my writing for WOIP with it. In fact I am writing this blog post on iBlogger on my phone. Typing has become much faster and easier to me in the past couple of months.
Recently, as I have been working on my graduate studies, I have discovered some new habits that have formed. As I type on my laptop I have been blowing through words I know I have mispelled expecting the correct word to jump into the text line for me. Yesterday, I kept finding myself double spacing after the last word in the sentence expecting a period to show up and the next word to capitalize. It is funny how fast new habits can develop.
Maybe these will all be good habits when the new iTablet comes out. Well wishful thinking, yes. I do know this phone has changed the way I do everything. I’ve become more productive while at the same time more dependent on my little pocket computer. So I pose the question to you. How has your iPhone use changed you?

Truphone Microphone Adaptor – Review and Giveaway



Of all the "AT+T wireless alternatives" now available on the iPhone I find Truphone the best. Unlike Sykpe for iPhone the app is super fast and the voice quality is superb. Unlike Fring, Truphone actually works… And the prices for both domestic and international calls, is quite reasonable. Their most expensive package is a $17 unlimited calling plan!

Truphone actually offers two apps. The first is the iPhone app. It includes voice, Twitter integration and IM. The Touch app includes voice, Twitter integration and IM. As they explain

You can now make calls on your iPod Touch. That’s right, we said iPod Touch!The new Truphone for the iPod Touch application works on the 2nd generation iPod Touch and enables you to:

  • make free calls to other Truphone, Skype or Google Talk users
  • make cheap international calls to landlines and mobiles, from any Wi-Fi zone, using your iPod Touch’s internet connection and a headphone with microphone, or microphone adaptor.
  • Instant Message your Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk or AIM contacts

You CAN make calls from your 2nd Gen iPod Touch. But there is a caveat. It only works if you have a headset with a microphone OR a microphone adapter. Fortunately. Truphone just made it easy to get a microphone adapter. AND they made it free for two of our readers…

Contest – Mastersoft Kakuro Giveaway



This is a joint contest between What’s on iPhone and Just Another Mobile Monday In order to win, you will need to visit both sites. 

For those of you who are not familiar, that is a Kakuro board you see above.  Pay attention, because you are going to need it for this contest.  Kakuro is from the same family is Sudoku, so some of the rules may sound familiar.  The basic point of the game is to fill the grid with numbers 0-9, with no duplicates in any row or column.  To do this, take a look at the numbers outside the grid. The numbers you place in each row or column must equal that number on the outside.  Pretty simple really.  The tough part is figuring out the correct combination of numbers for each row and column.  The more boxes, the more possible combinations will be available to you. 

So, what do you need to do to win?  Take a look at the picture above.  You can see one clue has been shaded in blue (10 with 3 boxes.)  All you need to do is write down all of the potential solutions for this clue.  Then, head over to Just Another Mobile Monday, where you will find a second clue.  Write down all of the possible answers for that clue, and then send an email HERE, and include all of the possible solutions for both clues.  You will get one entry for each correct solution you enter.  But be careful, you will also loose an entry for any incorrect answers.

We’ll award at least 5 copies of Mastersoft Kakuro for iPhone.  Though we do reserve the right to add more winners if we want to.

Contest ends at 10:00 PM (EST) on Saturday, May 9.

UPDATED! Filemaker Releases Bento For iPod Touch – News Of The Day


On May 5, 2009

Update- We’ve added a quick video look at the end.

I used Bento, a consumer level version of the FileMaker database, when it first came out a little bit over a year ago. I’ve never been a huge database user but I can see how incredibly useful it could be. The application looked great, was easy to use, and integrated with iCal and my address book beautifully. The problem was, there was no connection to my iPhone or iPod touch. And when I say "no connection" I mean "no connection" — there was neither an iPhone app or iPhone web access. Since my iPhone had already become so important to my computing this made Bento all but unusable for me. When Version 2.0 of the application was released and required me to pay the full price rather than a discounted upgrade price I didn’t bother to purchase it. That may have just changed and I may be buying the $49 application.

Update – Twittelator Pro



Those crazy folks at Big Stone Phone just went and did it again.. another update to Twittelator Pro.

Twittelator Pro has had features for months that others are just now adding and now this… even more features in what has been, and remains, my Twitter app of choice.

So here comes Version 2.2… so what’s new in this new version???


GPS That’s Truly Useful – News Of The Day


On May 4, 2009

When we first started the site almost a year ago I made reference in a post to how I like and appreciate the iPhone’s GPS and integration with Google maps (I still do). I also, however, mentioned how much I wish the device had Turn-by-Turn directions available.

Someone left a comment right after the post went up that said… well let me show you…










(Ah yes, the anonymous comment! Funny how those are never COMPLIMENTS!)

Well the fact is the iPhone’s GPS IS good but it doesn’t provide the kind of visual and verbal turn-by-turn that we are used to in the car. It doesn’t NOW but it will…

A post over on TUAW notes…

$25 will supposedly get you this on the iPhone once iPhone 3.0 is released.  It looks solid.  Will this be the only name in town or will there be others?

They even have have a quick video… it looks great…


Quote and Video from TUAW