Todo Promocodes


On May 4, 2009

The final promocodes in this giveaway for Appigo’s Todo goes to our readers


For information on Appigo’s great apps visit the site HERE.

Pocket Informant Winners Announced



As WebIS ramps up the move toward Pocket Informant we have been fortunate to have Alex offer us six promocodes for the current version. That means six of our readers will get copies of version 1.01 now and then, in a matter of days, get the upgrade to the new version which, as we showed in our exclusive pre-release look, begins to add additional features to the task management side of PI.

Among my favorite features… search for appointments and tasks. It works great!

Why am I such a fan of PI? As the WebIS site explains…

Proper to-do management is essential, but it’s only part of the picture. Pocket Informant is a full featured PIM, so it lets you focus on everything you do in a day – not just your to-do list. We believe bringing your appointments and to-dos together in one place is more efficient than working in isolated calendar and to-do management systems. Pocket Informant is designed to not force you into any one method of doing things. For example you can use our to-do View as rigidly or freely as you want, using GTD principles, Franklin Covey, or your own system. Pocket Informant also lets you sync your information with popular online services so you can easily access your data with any desktop computer or share it with others.

Well, we have our six promocode winners and they are…

Update – Feeds



I’ve been on a constant hunt for the "best" rss reader. Curently I am a huge fan of iNews. It looks great, is super fast and has the most ergonomic controls of any rss reader. There is oe huge, gaping hole in the app, however. There developer has thus far not included sync with Google Reader as part of the app. I’ve actually discussed this with him and respect his thought process. He wants to make sure the app can remain as fast while syncing before implementing it. Thus far it slows things down too much.

A while back, by rss reader of choice was Feeds. Feeds was fast, had customizable colors, had controls placed in the right position and.. synced with Google Reader! Unfortunately after using it for a while I began having sync issues. As a result I left Feeds.

Well, Feeds just got an update and all is forgiven. I tried it tonight and it worked great.

iPhone 3.5G + Video – WOW!


On May 3, 2009

We’re about five weeks away from WWDC and, based on the PR piece to the left, it is fairly clear where the focus will be this year!

The working assumption (okay it is more than as assumption. That add screams "NEW iPHONE!!!!!") is that we’ll see the reveal of the next generation iPhone and a full look at the next iPhone OS.

Apple gave us a little taste of the next OS and it looks… well… yummy. Stereo Bluetooth, Cut and Paste, push notification, native landscape keyboards and much, much more.

Add to that the fact that Apple recently order 3 and 5 megapixel camera lens’ and rumors are the next iPhone will have a slightly more powerful processor and you get a hardware/firmware update that will make most of us run to grab a new device. Then there are the rumors.

New In The App Store – Myst



All you classic video game lovers can rejoice tonight for while we are still waiting for the release of Slingplayer for iPhone (or at least confirmation that it is dead), an oldie but goodie has just made its appearance.

That’s right, you too can now play Myst on a small handheld that can run rings around the computer you FIRST used to play the game.

Here are some additional screen shots from the $5.99 game that is now available.

Appigo’s Todo Promocode Awarded


On May 2, 2009

The next promocode for Appigo’s Todo goes to our reader whose task list looks like this…

Getting Back To Quality iPhone Apps- News Of The Day


On May 1, 2009


There was a bit of welcome news from Bloomberg media today… maybe, just maybe the days of crApps flooding into the App Store is soon over. According to the article-

Phone developers, who flocked to Apple Inc.’s App Store in search of a quick profit, are finding it’s getting more difficult to come up with breakout hits.

With more than 35,000 applications now available for the iPhone, consumers are more discerning about what apps they download. A new version of the iPhone operating system due for release in the next few months will have users clamoring for even more sophisticated programs, said Chris James, who runs SnapDat Networks Inc., an iPhone app company in New York.

“The early apps that came out had a distinct advantage because there weren’t a lot of them to compete for attention,” said James, a former Wall Street trader. Now, “you better have a high-quality app or don’t even try.”

There’s more…

2nd Todo Promocode Awarded



We just awarded the next promo code was just awarded and it goes to the author of the task to the left…

And that author is… Yanis!

We hope Yanis finds Todo helpful and look forward to hearing what he thinks of it. Thanks to Appigo for making this possible. Remember, there are more codes to give out.

Apple Netbook / Tablet Mockup… Gorgeous!


On April 30, 2009

Here’s MacFormat’s illustration of what the new MacBook Tablet/NetBook MIGHT look like.

I don’t know about you but this thing, running OSx iPhone, would be something I would grab AS SOON as I could. I haven’t stood in line for either iPhone but for this… where do I line up?

A few detailed guesses after the jump…

PromoCode Giveaway – Pocket Informant



Since its initial release a few weeks ago, Pocket Informant has become one of my most important iPhone productivity apps. Version 1 worked well, although some expressed concern over a bit of lag when using the app. Version 1.01 followed soon after and sped things up quite a bit, brought even more stability and added some great features like shared Google Calendar Sync, the ability to pick which calendars sync, and much much more.

Version 1.02 is on the way and begins the process, among other things, of adding functionality to the app’s task management.

We posted an exclusive sneak peak of 1.02 over on the other day. and it looks great. (And having used the beta for some time now I can tell you it IS great!)