Winners of Round 2 Of The Pocket Informant Giveaway Announced


On April 6, 2009

The second round of promocodes for Pocket Informant just went out.

There are more to go so keep your entries coming. And we’ll let you know as soon as version 1.01 is out.

The second round of codes went to our readers…


Pocket Informant Giveaway


On April 5, 2009

Pocket Informant now has a permanent place on my homescreen. I use it all the time and am thrilled by the plans that Alex and his team at WebIS have for upcoming releases.

As we posted yesterday, version 1.01 was submitted to Apple over a week ago. It brings some great improvements and this is just the beginning for this powerful organizational app.

Alex has been a great supporter of WOiP from the very start. He gave us one of our first interviews way back in July and has been generous in his support of our various PromoCode giveaways. This time around, however, he has outdone himself.

In anticipation of PI’s first update he has given us almost two dozen copies of PI to share with you, our readers. For a chance to win one…

First Round Of Pocket Informant Winners Announced



Round one of our huge Pocket Informant Giveaway is done. Those who did not receive codes remain eligible for the next round which will occur tonight.

If you did win, enjoy getting familiar with, and using, PI but please just wait to post a review on iTunes.

This version is working great for me on both my iPhone and Touch but some friends have complained about lag. Version 1.01 should be out in the next few days. When it is you will be impressed by the speed improvements. After the update comes out PLEASE remember to post a review!

And the promo codes went to WOiP readers…

Want to Write For What’s On iPhone?



If you’ve ever thought about reviewing apps, the occational iphone hardware, and getting exposure to over 70,000 readers, here’s your chance!

Just write a quick note to us from our contact section about why you would be a good What’s On iPhone contributor.

We give you the promo codes and hardware and you make your voice heard!

Update – reQall


On April 4, 2009

Overall I’ve been quite impressed with reQall since they updated their iPhone app to version 2.0. It has not however, been without its issues. First, the contacts took forever to load. It isn’t a surprise since I have over 2000 but it was a huge frusteration. Second, in the last week the app would often fail to load properly the first time.

Well, an update last night fixes a lot of issues.

Update – NYTimes iPhone App



Not to be outdone by USA Today‘s recent iPhone app update, the NYTimes iPhone app was just updated again. It wasn;t long ago that the verison number jumped to 2.0 but they have clearly been busy at work since then.

The update is smaller but still significant.

 It improves speed and stability, it adds the ability to disable screen rotation (love screen rotation to landscape but sometimes you don’t WANT it to change), it downloads more content for offline reading and it automatically downloads articles related to the ones just read.

As I have posted on Gear Diary, I love my Amazon Kindle but for newspaper reading I still prefer the NYTimes iPhone app. This makes that even more the case as it takes an excellent news app and makes it even better.

The NYTimes iPhone app is free.

iSwap Faces Codes Awarded



iSwap Faces is a fun little photography app that always makes me smile. It does one thing and it does it well.

It lets you define two areas in a picture- usually faces but any two arad will work- and swap them. I’ve tried it with a few victims (most recently my inlaws) and the result is always funny.

We had codes to give away and they went to readers





We hope they enjoy it and that they share some of their "swaps" with us.

More information and a direct link to the app can be found HERE.

“April Fools!!!!” – ATT Retracts



ATT did a super-fast about-face today and retracted the recent change in user contracts that would have all but killed Sling’s upcoming app for anything but WiFi.

The message from ATT (via Engadet)…

The language added on March 30 to AT&T’s wireless data service Terms and Conditions was done in error. It was brought to our attention and we have since removed it. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Good news, for now.

So there is one thing left to ask… "Sling.. where are you???"

Pocket Informant – Update News


On April 3, 2009

A number of us here on WOiP already swear by Pocket Informant. Sure it is version 1.0 of the aspp but it is already terrific and going to get better as it matures.

Speaking of getting better, version 1.01 of the app was submitted to Apple and should be approved any minute now.

Among the myriad improvements…

We’re The Phone Company… We Don’t Care.. We Don’t Have To



What’s old is new again— remember that Lily Tomlin SNL skit? No? Well here it is then…



And here it is now…