Soon In TheApp Store – Dead Man’s Dungeon


On March 27, 2009

I love first person shooters and am enjoying watching the developement of the genre for the iPhone and Touch.

Some time tonight or early tomorrow a new game, Dead Man’s Dungeon (DMD) will go live in the App Store. I’m looking forward to trying it out… until then, here’s a quick video preview from the developers Vectorbox Game…


WWDC June 8-12


On March 26, 2009

When WWDC was announced last year the buzz was amazing. People went crazy with the rumor that a new iPhone would be announced. Some insisted that since WWDC is a developer’s conference there was no way this would happen while others pointed out that there was at least on occasion when hardware had been announced. Well we all know how the stories ended- the iPhone 3G was announced and the rest is history.

Between last year and some loose-lipped ATT execs there seems little doubt that the next version of the iPhone and/or iPhone and/or iPhone and Tablet will be announced at WWDC this year. Yes, June 8-12 is likely to be an exciting time.

and it is just…

                  73 days
                  1752 hours
                  105,120 minutes
                  6,307,200 seconds


But who’s counting?

Update – i.TV



i.TV is, by far, the best media app I have used. It combines TV, Movies, Netflix and more into a seemless package.

This most recent update adds some amazing new features and functionality. The update makes the app

Math Sticker Promo Codes Awarded



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Little Things That Make A Big Difference – Scosche’s klearCOAT Screen Protector


On March 25, 2009

Screen protectors are all pretty much the same. Right? WRONG!

I thought one screen protector was just like the next until the folks atScosche were kind enough to send me one of their klearCoat protectors. It made its way onto my (newly replaced because my iPhone 3G was cracking) iPhone 3G last week and I am really impressed by it.

Scosche notes that the klearCoat is just 0.1mm. The anti-glare material "maintains the optical clarity and brightness of the screen while reducing smudging and glare". 

Here’s what I know- I ALWAYS use a screen protector and this is by far the best one I have tried. It looks and feels fantastic. It is all but invisible and actually seens to increase the clarity of the screen.

The kit includes 2 klearCoat protectors and a micro fiber cleaning cloth. It is just $14.99 and can be purchased HERE.

EDIT: One of our readers went to order one and found that shipping would be… OVER $10! That’s nuts. I think it is a great screen protector but while $14 is high but worth it (in my opinion) $24 is definitely not. If you are ordering something else from the company the screen protector is worth a look. As a stand alone purchase… not!

Little Things That Make A Big Difference – Etymotic Glider Eartips



I love my Etymotic headphones. They offer fantastic sound, great comfort and do a superb job of blocking outside noise so music sounds great. This holds true whether I am using my hf2s, my 61 Isolators or my ety8s.

One key to getting the best sound AND comfort is finding the right set of tips. Fortunately Etymotic always includes a nice selection of choiceswith each headset. When talking to Gail Gudmundsen, Etymotic’s Director of Sales and Marketing, I learned that they were offering a new eartip style, the Etymotic Gliders. Gail was kind enough to sent a set and all I can say is "WOW!"

reQall Upgrades Free Version, Intros Powerful Pro Service



When the App Store first opened two of the most significant apps (IMO) were tied to voice-to-text services and had the potential to change the way we live and work. Both reQall and Jott were already powerful web-based services and their iPhone apps extended their utility a great deal. Well, it is nine months later and reQall has just announced a significant update to its service that steps up the game and goes a long way toward reaching that potential.

Not only has reQall upgraded its original free service but, more significantly, they have added a Pro version. Here’s a quick look at what both offer.

reQall Pro provides location-based reminders, voice-to-calendar additions and "reQall Memory Jogger™", a system to "boost productivity and enhance memory".

reQall Pro includes:

–a feature that analyzes a user’s situation (calendar, time, location) and intuitively and automatically delivers relevant, up-to-the-minute memory assistance.

–Location-based organization of tasks to make it easier to get things done in a structured manner

–Outlook and Google Calendar integration for adding an item by voice or text

–The ability to create ongoing reminders of weekly meetings, anniversary, birthday etc.

–The ability to send reminders to friends, family and colleagues who are not reQall users.

–The ability to email new items to reQall

AND the features that make this BIG NEWS for iPhone-users-

Integration with contact lists stored in the device and the ability to recognize phone numbers, email addresses and links in the content of reQall items so you can call, email and browse directly from reQall. (Available on Blackberry too!)

All of this combines to potentially make reQall the most powerful organizational tool for the iPhone yet and I can’t wait to start using it!

reQall Standard continues reQall’s tradition of having a free service. (Take THAT Jott!) In fact they have IMPROVED it with several new features.

Update – Pocket God


On March 24, 2009

Pocket God, which just received yet another update, is one of the more creative apps in the App Store.

Well, actually it isn’t the app itself that is so creative (it’s good but not mindblowing) but rather the way to app is evolving and taking shape over time.

Pocket God lets you play God to bunch of cute little islanders. You can cause the sun to go up. You can cause the sun to go down. You can make boulders and coconuts drop on poor little islanders . You can make lightning strike and showers come. As the developer describes it…

What kind of god would you be? Benevolent or vengeful? Play Pocket God and discover the answer within yourself. On a remote island, you are the all-powerful god that rules over the primitive islanders. You can bring new life, and then take it away just as quickly. Exercise your powers on the islanders. Lift them into the air. Throw them in the water. Propel them into the horizon. Show them who’s boss!

The developer calls Pocket God "an episodic microgame". And THAT is where this app gets interesting and truly creative.

Updated – FileMagnet


On March 23, 2009

I reviewed FileMagnet way back in July. In fact, it was one of the first apps we reviewed and is, as such, one of the older apps available. Thankfully, its developers have not rested on their laurels. Instead, they have rolled out an update that takes the granddaddy of iPhone file-transfer and viewing apps to a new, youthful, level.

In my initial review I wrote-

FileMagnet for the iPhone and iPod Touch makes quick business of loading and accessing a wide and growing range of files. The process could not e more simple.
1. Download and run the app on the iPhone.
2. Download and run the free Uploader App on your Mac running OS X Leopard (sorry Tiger is not currently supported although it is coming and Windows simply isn’t supported).
3. Drag the desired files into the Uploader App
4. Connect the handheld to Mac either temporarily or permanently by accept one of two queries that will appear on the iPhone/iPod Touch
5. Drag the desired files into the Uploader App.
6. Watch while the files magically move to the iPhone/iPod Touch. It is as simple as that.

I liked it then and I like it even more now. FileMagnet remains just that easy to use but is now more powerful and even easier. With the current version of FileMagnet you can

Math Sticker (Instant Win) Giveaway



It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out from my review of Math Sticker that I’m a big fan of the game. It’s a tremendously challenging game that shouldn’t be too hard to understand especially if you have experienced playing the real thing. It’s also programmed with a seemingly infinite collection of match stick equations so you’ll never run out of riddles to solve.

A free lite version of the game is available HERE in the App Store, but if you want to score the $2.99 full version — and if you’re in the mood for some fun with numbers — you’re in luck! To INSTANTLY WIN a promo code…