WundrBar Promo Codes Awarded


On March 12, 2009

It seems Dan, who went so far as to say he "cannot recommend this application more," isn’t the only one who’s thrilled by the new wonder app, WundrBar. Apparently, the entire WOiP community shares Dan’s fascination.

And thanks to the good people behind WundrBar, the following members will get to add the app to their iPhone’s home screen for free and see for themselves just how — as one of our winners aptly put it — "wunderful" this app is.


Donsgraphics (First time for everything!)




Congrats and do tell us exactly how much longer it makes your iPhone.

New In The App Store – Movie Quote Search



My friend Kevin is one of those freaks who knows thousands upon thousands of movie quotes. It is all but impossible to speak to him without him peppering the conversation with quote after quote after quote after quote after quote after quote after quote after quote after…

When I saw this app, Movie Quote Search, this morning I thought I might finally level the playing field. Here was an app (two actually since there is also a free version) that will let me pull up quote in seconds.  As the description notes,

Can’t remember what movie that great line was from? Find out with Movie Quote Search. Now you have access to the entire IMDb movie quote archive in your pocket.

"Ahhh," I thought, "with this bit of technology Kevin has finally met his match.

Then I got to thinking… what if I just tried to Google the quote? So I Googled the quote they show on the app.


New In The App Store – Video Safe


On March 11, 2009

Leaving the likely usage scenarios aside, Larry was super impressed with Picture Safe.

Now the developer behind Picture Safe has the other part of your… errr…media collection covered.

Just as Picture Safe added Password Protection for iPhone photo’s, (and, in fairness, also allowed people to better organise, back-up their picture collections and wireless transfer images, VIDEO SAFE for iPhone and iPod Touch creates a safe password protected storage area for movies and videos. It also lets you transfer videos to and from the iPhone WIRELESSLY.

Among the features…

WundrBar Giveaway



I’m a big fan of the new app WundrBar and after my initial post, have heard from a number of others who are too.

Well, the good folks at WundrBar have been kind enough to supply a number of promo codes for the readers of WOiP. 

For a chance to in one jump over to their site, (HERE) and leave a comment including 5 of the destinations to which WundrBar offers quick access. Yes, one of the sites is whatsoniphone… oops, gave that one away. Okay, list FOUR destinations…


Pocket Informant Submitted For Approval


On March 10, 2009

In a brief post on his blog Alex Kac from WebIS made the announcement…

Pocket Informant For Iphone Ships To Apple

Posted by

Alex Kac – CEO/Founder, Yesterday, 10:34 PM in iPhone

And there it goes. Its off to Apple! I will be sending out notices to everyone who signed up shortly. The Lite version will be uploaded to Apple once 1.00 gets accepted. The reasoning is that if Apple finds anything to reject us for (a button they don’t like or something), I don’t want to have to have an issue with the Lite version. Lite will be free, but limited to one week’s worth of appointments and 10 tasks.


We all know that Apple is erratic with regard to how long or short the approval period is but now we know the release is coming. I can also share that Alex and crew went through such an in-depth process of finalizing the app and resolving bugs that I expect everyone will be amazed at its stability.

We’ll let you know when it is out and, hopefully, have some promocodes to share!

Most Wanted App Most Wanted By…



Every now and then an app grabs your attention and won’t let go. It just strikes a cord with you. It might be a "Wow!" the first time you fire it up that grabs you,

or a "Now why didn’t I think of that?" that takes hold

or maybe, just maybe, it grabs you because it just might do a bit of good in a world that desperately needs cleaning up.

That last experience prompted my buddy Doug Goldring from JustAnotherMobileMonday and GearDiary to write a post over on JAMM about the Most Wanted app that lists the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted criminals, the Most Wanted Terrorists and the list of Missing Kids from across the country. Doug writes-

I have spent a lot of time surfing the iTunes App Store on my iPod Touch lately.  And I have come to two conclusions:  First, there is an abundance of useless garbage available in the iTunes App Store.  Second, an abundance of users flock to this useless garbage, ensuring that it is often positioned in the top 25 lists.  This means that the actually useful applications are buried deep within the nether regions of the iTunes App Store, where many users will never see them.

Today, I am going to highlight the single most useful and important application available in the iTunes App Store today.  In fact, I would venture to say that it is the most important application on any platform. 

It is, he writes, "the only application I have ever seen which I implore every iPhone and iPod Touch user to download…RIGHT NOW."

You can read the full post HERE on JAMM.



New In The App Store – WundrBar



Every now and then a small utility comes along that takes the iPhone or iPod Touch to an entirely new level. Sometimes this utility is groundbreaking such as the voice activation of Google’s new search app. At other times, however, the utility is not so much groundbreaking as it is simple, practical and remarkably useful. That’s the case with upcoming application Wundrbar.

WundrBar is a single application that allows you to connect to and access, over 70 different sites and applications from within the application itself.

For example, if I want to search Best Buy for a certain item I can open up Safari, go to the Best Buy website, click on the "search" icon and add in my query. With WundrBar I start the application, go to the Best Buy icon and put in my query. It may not sound like a huge difference but when you try it both ways you quickly realize that using WundrBar to do the search is much much faster and takes far less thought because you’re not offered any information from the website other than the search. The same can be done with Amazon and a number of other online stores.

But it gets better.

Let’s say you need to find out what time your wife’s plane is landing. You can go to an airline’s website, find the section for flight arrivals and then try to search for her flight. Or, you can start WundrBar and get information on arrivals or departures in seconds. You can also search by flight or route. If you’ve ever tried to use one of the airline websites  you will quickly appreciate the simplicity of this approach. Better still, you can do the same for Amtrak and other travel services.

There’s More…

“It’s Just The Internet… On Your Phone” – Kinda Sorta…


On March 9, 2009

Let’s play a game…

Here are two great iPhone/iPod Touch ads. See if you can spot the problem…

Here’s the first…


and here’s the second…



Can you spot the problem?

Coach’s Trip Out of Jailbroken Bliss

Several weeks ago I made the leap into the world of Jailbreaking.  I spent the first week trying out many themes, sounds and applications.  Some of them were really nice; some of them were not worth the bytes it took to save them.  Much of that first week was spent searching and searching trying to find the apps and theme to make the iPhone “complete.”  While jailbroken, I was able to shoot video on my phone, copy and paste, and use Japanese Emojis.  These tend to be the things we hear people cry to Apple for most.  Along the journey I leaned a few things about this amazing phone.

Another One Bites The Dust- uSirius StarPlayr



Sadly another one of the apps on my iPhone has just become a collector’s item.

The uSirius StartPlayr iPhone app from NiceMac now joins Podcaster (the full-featured one, not the crippled version currently in the App Store) and NetShare as rare items on just a few select iPhones now that they, themselves, have gone to the App Graveyard.

Fact is, while I would likely not have used uSirius since I am quite happy with Pandora and Slacker Radio, I am sorry to see it go. NiceMac had done a superb job with the app which had a simple, inviting, yet easy to use, interface and just plained worked well in turning your iPhone into a Sirius radio.

The blog post over on the uSirius StarPlayr site is a clear, definitive statement that the project is already dead and buried six feet under.

The iPhone app never made it out of the gate and NiceMac will be issuing refunds to people who bought the Windows Mobile application.

Cue the frowny face and the requisite Queen song…

The full NiceMac post after the break.