Speed Fiend Giveaway


On February 21, 2009

An implementation of the classic card game Speed, Speed Fiend is one of the most engaging games I’ve played on my iPhone. And coming from somebody who for the most part would rather pick up alphabet tiles than kings and aces, that’s saying something. In my review of the game, I wrote:

"Speed Fiend promises ease and addictiveness, and it has both in spades."

However, I also wrote that it lacked a key feature:

It’s Probably Nothing But…


On February 20, 2009

Now that Jott’s iPhone app works with Jott links, allowing you to Jott to Google Calendar, Toodledo and even Facebook, I took a new look at the services currently available. There are some pretty interesting ones. For example, updating my personal Twitter feed is now as easy as starting the Jott app and speaking. That’s it. Jott transcribes my message and posts it for me. What could be easier?

Along the way I saw a link to the service 43 Actions (which, btw, looks pretty nice). It had one line that REALLY caught my eye…


Flash- Apple Gobbling Up Flash



My Mac addiction is now about a year and a half old. That is enough time for me to recognize that every few months there is a new flurry of rumors regarding Apple’s next generation of products.

Time and again they’ve come. Time and again I’ve been caught up in it. And, time and again I have been disappointed.

As a result, I do my best to stear clear of any thing that sounds like it might be coming from someone’s fertile imagination rather than grounded in reality.

That noted — I do love when actual facts indicate something that something is on the way. Here’s a good example–

Slacker Plus Extended Trials



When I first looked at Slacker Radio I found it to be fine but nothing special. Coach, however, loved it and prompted me to take another look. The result? On both my iPhone and computers I’m using Slacker pretty much exclusively.

I love the interface, the indicator of how any jumps my free account has left and the ability to request songs. Beter still, the Plus account removes these limitations for just $3.99.

Thanks to the folks at Slacker extended trials of Slacker Plus are being extended to WOiP readers-





We have more to share so just leave a comment below with one recent musical "find".


Day One With The New Jott App


On February 19, 2009

Google’s second generation app was an absolute game-changer. Being able to do a Google search with nothing more than your voice is nothing short of amazing.I use it all the time now and am continually blown away by the speed, accuracy and convenience.

To my mind, Jott’s new app is an equally significant game-changer.

Sure, the new Jott app has a slick new interface that offers far more control over recordings. But that’s not the killer feature.

Sure it offers much improved file upload speeds. But that’s not the killer feature either.

Sure the new "All Lists" screen makes the app even better for recording and accessing notes. Killer feature? Nope

And SURE, the ability to post updates to webservices like Twitter and Facebook is great. But EVEN THAT’S not the killer feature.  Nope, this is…

Crossbones Promo Codes Awarded



Ahoy! Each of the following WOiP members just got a Crossbones promo code:

ahrucool, akame, bradsss, Cleveland, dbfire, Idaho Dad, irene1975, and starfall.

Quick Extended Giveaway – Turns out we have a couple more codes left in our treasure chest. Simply send me your desired pirate name using the WOiP internal messaging system and if you’re one of the first two to invade my inbox, Crossbones will soon be added to your iPhone loot! (Update: The last two codes have been nabbed by am-woi aka Captain Steubing and dbng aka Redbeard.)

Jott’s All New App Is Awesome!



Jott broke a lot of hearts recently when they announced an abrupt end to their free services.

For those of us who still use the service there’s some great news tonight— a brand new Jott app!

Jott took the unusual approach of releasing this as an entirely new app rather than an update and, from a quick look just now, they had good reason. this is a whole new ballgame. Unlike the original app which had limited functionality, the new app replicates most of the functionality in Jotts’s call-in service. With it you can…

Jennifer’s iPod Touch – What Do I Need?


On February 18, 2009

Hello Fellow Touch and iPhone Users, 

I am in a bit of a quandry and looking for some help from all of you.

Anyone that haa read my previous posts know that I am a bit challenged by the technology and the conplexities of the iTouch, well all technology actually.  At last posting I was struggling with the process of syncing my contacts from YAHOO to my iTouch.  I tried so hard I managed to bring my laptop to a grinding halt, but was unable to complete the sync process.  I gave up that dream and lost the use of my laptop.  I then wrote my last poston iTouch.  It is doable, but definitely much more challenging.

It is time consuming and I find the screen size is limiting as well.

After writing the post on my iTouch I decided that I needed to use my laptop for speed and accuracy and the well being of my eye sight.  So this past weekend I put much time and effort into repairing my laptop so I could log-on and resume posting on a regular basis.  After chaging out memory, resetting the laptop to factory condition and slowly adding the basic programs my computer came equipped with my laptop died! It will not even boot up now.

And The Mophie Juice Pack Goes To…


On February 17, 2009

WOiP reader Mini Me will have a new Juice Pack thanks to our friends at Mophie.

To be accurate… 

WOiP reader Mini Me’s mother will have a new Juice Pack thanks to our friends at Mophie.

Here’s Mini Me’s entry into the "Why I/she needs a Juice Pack" contest…

"My (mom’s) iPhone ran out of juice just when I was calling her to pick me up from school in the middle of a snow storm. Needless to say she never got the call. So I thought to myself, "Eh it could be worse. I could walk a couple blocks in the middle of a blizzard..". I step outside my school, my foot goes about 3 feet deep through the snow. "That’s okay, at least I’m over 3 feet above the snow..". I manage my way through the snow, body numb, lost all feeling in my fingers. "Oh well, when I get home I can explain to my mom why she has to amputate half my body."  As I walk across a busy street… SMASH! 2 cars collided right before my eyes. "At least it wasn’t me", I reassure myself. I struggle my way to my house with 10 inch icicles hanging off my face from tears. I take out my house keys to let myself inside my house. "Hmm, well it appears my keys have seem to have fused with my hand… That’s okay, I’ll manage. As I fumble around with my house keys, and try to put them into the lock of my door- I realize that it’s frozen over! Nowhere to go, nowhere to find a nice cup of hot chocolate.. I stand before my frozen door and think to myself… "It’s the end."
While I might have an iPod touch.. My Mom has an iPhone and I’m sure she’d find this accessory amazing! xD


Maneki Neko: Too Cute to be Rude – Quick Look



iPhone and iPod Touch applications developer Vanilla Breeze, just released "Maneki Neko – Too Cute to be Rude". They describe it in this way–

The Maneki Neko(???), aka Welcoming Cat, Money Cat or Fortune Cat, is a popular Japanese sculpture, which is believed to bring good fortune.

Will it bring good fortune? or will it bring bad luck? Touch the cat and see it in the action!

– Realistic hand motion (Normal)
– Reverse hand motion (Rude)
– Awesome Japanese-style music
– Beautifully designed backgrounds

The $0.99 app offers a number of nice, Japanese-style, melody and the image of the porcelain cat can either automatically wave it hand or move once the user touches the screen. I suspect one has to be up on Japanese culture to truly appreciate all of this since it doesn’t particularly grab and hold my attention. This, however did…