SpinVox Voice To Text- Review


On February 16, 2009

Over the past few months I’ve had the opportunity to be using an amazing service for converting voice memos to text. Sure, I’ve been having this ability for quite a while through Jott and reQall. What makes this particular service so special, however, is that it also converts my voicemail messages to text and sends them to me as e-mail or SMS messages. Better yet, the accuracy is remarkable.

The name of service is– SpinVox– and, quite honestly, I was sold on it after using it for only a few minutes. Let’s take a look at what the service offers.

Mophie Juice Pack Giveaway Ends Soon…



Our Mophie Juice Pack Giveaway is ending soon. More information and a chance to enter can be found here.

Lose It! – Review



The new iPhone/iPod Touch app commercial really works!  I have been in the market for a decent food diary application since I first received my iPod Touch.  I had tried apps like Meal Diary and My Net Diary and was generally unimpressed.  Then, I saw an app during one of the iPhone commercials during the Super Bowl called Lose It!  It’s available for free at the App Store and is currently in the top 10 free apps list.  It’s likely that prominent placement in an iPhone commercial plus being available at no cost drove it up there.

In short, this app beats all the other meal diaries hands down.  Between the friendly interface and the ability to input a variety of foods and exercises (including custom ones), this is exactly what I need in order to stick to my diet.

Truphone’s Skype Integration Goes Live


On February 15, 2009

Just as I was writing a post about my early preview of Truphone’s Skype integration I got an email with the announcement that it had gone live for everyone.
As someone who ditched his landline and usesmy cell and Skype exclusively I love this new functionality. Unfortunately, as has been the case with every instance of Skype on a handheld, it is a step in the right direction but not quite there yet.
In this case the service WORKS fine but is missing a key functionality. The missing piece? At the end of the announcement is an asterix that says— "This version does not support Skype Out calling"
I’ll assume that means that while THIS version doesn’t support Skype Out, FUTURE versions will. Now THAT will be awesome!
Full announcement after the break…

App Review: iRealSMS (Jailbreak Only!)


We have all had our share of issues with the iPhone SMS application. No landscape keyboard, no way to respond to a message when it pops up in the center of our screen. And the most frustrating thing for me is the fact that if we are in the middle of one application and get a text, we have to close that entire application and open SMS to respond, and then re-open the previous application and most likely lose where we were before. A lot of people have been asking why Apple doesn’t issue an update for this, and maybe they are working on it. But until they get around to making the built-in SMS app work the way it should, we can use iRealSMS which acts the way our SMS application should work!

Archibald’s Adventures Promo Codes Awarded



Three WOiP members who answered Rake in Grass‘ question in our Archibald’s Adventures Giveaway and shared their thoughts on what kinds of games they’d like to see developed for the iPhone have each been sent a promo code to download Archibald’s Adventures for free. They are…

swim4life9, drdrew777 and chuklz.

I’m pretty sure they’ll enjoy the game as much as I do. For those of you who don’t want to miss out on the fun that Archibald’s Adventures has to offer, the game is available HERE for only $4.99, and you can also get the free lite version HERE in the App Store.

Jailbreaking is Illegal, says Apple


On February 14, 2009

If you read any sort of tech blog you have well noticed today posts about Apple stating "Jailbreaking is illegal". I’m not going to go too in depth with what has been said on either side of this, I am simply going to give my personal two cents here. If you want to read the details on it, you can simply Google it. It’s all over the place right now.

Apple is claiming that jailbreaking the iPhone is illegal. It states that jailbreaking is simply hacking the OS that we don’t own. To a degree this is correct,

App Convergence- Sometimes Silly- Sometimes Superb



It wasn’t long ago that Twitter client Tweetie added two key functionalities- a flashlight and fart sounds by way of a "Popularity Enhancer" setting. It was totally logical… who doesn’t want a twitter client that includes flashlights and farts?

Then, this week a Swiss army-type app was released that merged key functions into the most jumble of apps possible. iCatchall Tools is an "integrated "utility app" suite. You would fill nearly a whole screen with icons just to get the same functionality found in iCatchall! Features Include: * File Storage * Flashlight * Hourglass Timer * Level * Ruler * Tip Calculator * Counter * Personal Massager and more… iCatchall 13 does even more!

Yup, doesn’t everyone need an app that does all that?

Fact is, while these two examples make little sense, the IDEA of one app offering a number of complementary functions IS worth considering. Fortunately there are a couple of standouts worth noting.


It’s A Mophie Valentine’s Day Contest



As you may have noticed, we tend to do hardware reviews on Wednesdays only. (Hey, we started as an app review website and remain primerily focussed on apps and tips for OS X- iPhone based devices!)

But while it may be Saturday, rather than Wednesday, it is also Valentines Day. So we figured we would show a little iPhone-love with a special giveaway.

First up, though, let’s take a sneak peak at an upcoming iPhone accessory I can’t wait to review.

In the near future (spring) Mophie will be releasing their all new  ‘Juice Pack air’.

The juice pack air is

a rechargeable external battery concealed inside of a protective form-fitting case for the iPhone 3G. It offers you the full protection of a hard-shell case while providing virtually twice the battery life of the iPhone alone; all in an ultra-thin, light-weight, low-profile design.

It has it all-

• A rechargeable 1200mAh lithium polymer battery that doubles battery life
• A pass-through USB system so you can charge and sync with iTunes while the iPhone is in the case/battery
• Full device protection
• An On/Off switch for the battery
• An integrated 4 LED charge status indicator

And at dimensions of just 4.9”*2.59”*0.75” you won’t FEEL like the iPhone is wearing a battery.

The juice pack air will be available in Black, White and Purple for $79.99. More information and pre-ordering can be found here.

I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

In the meantime, though, the original Mophie JuicePack is still available and we’re giving one away!

StarTrader Promo Codes Awarded



StarTrader promo codes went to WOiP members…

Mini Me

We hope they all enjoy their new app.