Google Tasks On iPhone


On February 3, 2009

I received an email that requires me taking a specific action later today. Normally I would forward it to my Toodledo account so that I can later access it with ToDo, Toodledo or Ultimate ToDos, all of which sync with Toodledo.  Instead, I highlighted the text I needed and selected "Add To Tasks" from the Google dropdown menu.

That got me thinking, "What apps make use of the tasks functionality in Google?" Smarttime from LeftCoastLogic does but I’ve never become comfortable with its interface. A quick Google search revealed another option. 

There’s An App For That… And I Use…



Apple’s latest commercial is nothing short of brilliant. If you haven’t caught it take a look.


Why is it brilliant? Because it takes the normal way of looking at an app and turns it on its head. Instead of looking at an app and discovering what the app can do, the commercial suggests we think about WHAT we need to accomplish and then find the right app for doing it. It is a simple idea but a powerful one in that it views the iPhone as an invaluable tool for accomplishing life’s little tasks. But there is a problem.

Free For Now – RSS Player


On February 2, 2009

Thanks to Derick for the headsup that RSS Plater (formerly Podcaster) is free in the App Store for today only. I love podcaster and am saddened that RSS Player had to be so limited to get approval but then again… it’s FREE today only!!!

Get It Here.

Rotorumpus Giveaway



"Rotorumpus is unlike anything I’ve played on the iPhone platform. It’s by turns absorbing, frustrating and, ultimately, amazing." So goes the final statement in my review of Rotorumpus.

Thanks to Nial of UglyApps, we have promo codes to give out to some lucky WOiP readers who will soon get to experience for themselves how absorbing, frustrating, amazing and sci-fi-ish Rotorumpus really is.

To win, just share with us your all-time favorite sci-fi film. Oh and if you’re going to answer any of the Star Wars films, PLEASE tell us your second favorite instead. We already know about your life-size Chewbacca cut-out.

Cool Reversi Giveaway



Reversi, otherwise known as Othello, is my all-time favorite board game. The synergy of simplicity and strategy in the game is what keeps me coming back to it. And thanks to VYGSoft, I get to play it for hours on end on my iPhone with their brilliant app called Cool Reversi.

In my review of Cool Reversi, I expressed my satisfaction with the developer’s implemention of the game along with my minor disappointment with a couple of display bugs. Fortunately, I just got in touch with Vlad of VYGSoft and he told me that all is well now, the app having been updated and improved a couple of times since my review.

Apparently, Vlad was feeling particularly generous during our recent email exchange as he also provided us with a lot of promo codes (and I mean a lot) to give away to a number of WOiP readers so that they might also have the chance to play Reversi using, IMO, the best and coolest Reversi app for the iPhone out there.

To enter to win, simply leave a comment telling us the board game which we should not dare play — at least not with you as our opponent. Good luck!

New In The App Store – Plurk On The iPhone



Got Plurk? Are you a plurkrastinator like I am? Do you plurk more than you tweet? If you answered no to all three questions or have no idea what Plurk, a plurkrastinator or a plurk is, then read on to be converted and/or enlightened. If, on the other hand, you answered yes to each question, boy am I so glad to meet you – a fellow plurker on WOiP! Have you heard the good news?

Yes, Plurk, the micro-blogging site similar to Twitter that has compelled many an employee (myself included) to remain stuck to their ergonomic chairs, incessantly sending updates a.k.a. plurks to their friends and fans to push their karma up (karma is sort of a measure of one’s progress in, or addiction to, Plurk), is finally on the iPhone – thanks to a native app called, well, Plurk on the iPhone. Emphasis on finally because apparently this app was submitted for Apple’s approval way back September last year. After spending four months in App Store limbo, it’s now out and ready to satisfy my and your mobile plurking needs.

With the Plurk on the iPhone app, you can retrieve and view your and your friends’ timelines, reply to plurks, edit and delete your plurks, and view and manage your Plurk contacts, among others. Plurk qualifiers, such as is, thinks, loves, has and shares, are integrated within the app, as well as hints to including emoticons in your plurks, e.g. type “:-)” for a simple smiley or “(woot)” for a particularly psyched emoticon.

Plurk on the iPhone is a great alternative to the Plurk mobile site and is available for absolutely free. Download it HERE in the App Store to start experiencing the wonders and addictive powers of plurking or to begin increasing your karma through your iPhone/iPod Touch. Who knows, you might reach Plurk nirvana in no time.

Doppler Codes Awarded



Promo codes for Doppler were awarded this morning to WOiP readers


We hope the find the app useful for reading their RSS feeds and look forward to hearing their thoughts. You can learn more about Doppler and its latest update HERE.

Question To Start The Week…



I was just playing around with DistantShores, the new app from TheBlimpPilots (Koi Pond) for an upcoming review and was really quite taken with how original this app is.

It got me thinking… we’ve all had (far too many) apps that made us go, "I spent $X on THAT??!!??"

But there are also plenty of apps that are well worth the money.

Any every now and then we come across an app that stands out from the crowd. It is amazing, surprising or just down right cool.

So…my question to start the week is….

Pudge Codes Awarded



Codes for Pudge went to WOiP readers– gary00, SokViChet, jaws, Z, thelarster

We hope they enoy the game!

Reader Review – GroceryIQ


On February 1, 2009

My wife and I had considered buying GroceryIQ since it first came out.  We usually just wrote our lists down (and almost always forget it…) or just wing it in the store (inevitably forgetting something).  When it dropped to 0.99 the continued popularity in the app store and feature set along with the newest news regarding finally convinced the wifey to purchase. 

We used it in earnest for the first time last week on a big shopping trip to Walmart.  Until then, the wife used it as a running list of things that she’d periodically email for me to pick up on the way home.  It is easy, and more importantly fun, to use.