DimInCall Brings New Options To Control The Screen During A Call


On May 22, 2013

Any smartphone made by a smart manufacturer automatically closes the screen when we are talking on the phone and have our ear close to the device, but iPhones have often had problems with this system. To solve the problem there is now a tweak called DimInCall, it closes the screen automatically when a call is […]

FakeMyChat help you forge messages, phonebook entries calls or GPS locations


On May 13, 2013

FakeMyChat is an application launched later last night in Cydia and with its help we can forge messages or calls entries from GPS locations of several popular applications of our iPhones. For now FakeMyChat can forge messages from the WhatsApp Messenger and Viber applications, calls from the Viber or LINE applications and finally getting the […]

Top 5 Best Video Players for iPhone and iPad


On May 10, 2013

The video content can be handy on iPhone or iPad and each of these iOS application works perfectly on both gadgets. In the Apple App Store there are more solutions for playing multimedia content and often, it is difficult to choose the best of them. Here are the top 5 best video players for the […]

ipEQ Equalizer for iPhone is the First Music App of iOS


On May 8, 2013

ipEQ for iPhone is an application released later this morning in Cydia, and with its help you can change the way the iPhone’s speaker plays music from the Music app. The IpEQ developer for iPhone claims that this app is the first Music equalizer for iPhones and the truth is that in Cydia there isn’t […]

Injustice Gods Among Us – Tips and Tricks!


On May 2, 2013

Having super heroes and mega-villains problems? Injustice Gods Among Us, the new viral application for iPhone and iPad of NeatherRealm studios can be quite demanding. Just two weeks after release, we have really good tips and tricks for you. For a week all enthusiastic fans of superheroes and trading cards are playing this game. In […]

How to block specific phone numbers on your iPhone?


On April 15, 2013

Getting unwanted calls you is a normal thing these days for every person. There is also an app for iPhone called iBlacklist that if you download it, you simply get rid of stressful calls.

iPrivacy allows you to implement the option to use multiple user accounts in iOS


On March 14, 2013

Many iPhone owners wanted that iOS to be a multi-user system that allows logging in with different privileges, just as we do in OS X or Windows. Apple now seems willing to provide such functionality, but the iPrivacy tweak does. Using iPrivacy you can implement a protection system in iOS applications, but also a multi-user […]

AudioExplorer + allows us to find audio files from our iPhones


On March 13, 2013

AudioExplorer+ is a tweak released during last night in Cydia, and with its help we can find all available audio files from our iPhones and we can use them in different ways. The application has a module that allows all applications in our iPhones to discover the available audio files in them, after finding them […]

Go2Now allows you to open web pages through a simple gesture


On March 3, 2013

Have you ever wanted to have the ability to open web pages by performing a simple gesture? If the answer is yes, then Go2Now is the tweak you are looking for because along with Activator allows you to quickly access any website by simply making a gesture or clicking a button. The tweak settings menu […]

BatteryDoctorPro provides detailed information about the battery of your iPhone


On February 28, 2013

  (BatteryDoctorPro) is an application available in Cydia for a while, and with its help we can find detailed information about the battery of our iPhones, but it also can improve the autonomy of our terminals. The application is developed by a Chinese developer, so in Cydia you will find mainly Chinese explanations, but the […]