Apple surprised by the incidents from Beijing


On January 23, 2012

Friday Apple tried to launch iPhone 4S in China but the launch was greeted by speculators who fight in front of Apple store, they began to throw with eggs in the store door and finally were arrested by the police that came to the location. The police decided to make those from Apple to postpone […]

Top 10 Photo Applications for iPhone


On January 6, 2012

After almost a year I used the iPhone 4 as the first phone I got to have a collection of photo applications for iPhone. Most are free applications but some are paid applications and you can find them on the list below. Instagram (free) – is an application that helps you take awesome photos, apply […]

IOS 5.1 doesn't solve the call-problem ??from your iPhone


On January 4, 2012

If you have an iPhone 4S then it is likely that at least once to be having problems with calls made ??from your device. I still have problems with sound during calls but for some problems related to closing a call or initiate sound a few minutes after starting it.

iPad 3 could be released on Feb. 24, Steve Jobs's birthday


On December 24, 2011

If the name iPhone 4S didn’t make you believe that it is connected with a tribute to Apple’s Steve Jobs then maybe the launch of the iPad 3 on February 24 convince you, this is the same date when Steve Jobs would have celebrated his birthday, you would make you understand that Apple did not […]

The coolest iPhone applications from 2011


On December 18, 2011

The iPhone, no matter how controversial it is, remains one of the best gadgets. And the AppStore App is the fuel tank of the Apple gadgets. This year, apart from the exclusive and explosive application preinstalled on the iPhone 4S (Syria, of course), iPhone owners have turned to social networking and gaming platforms. Productivity applications […]

iOS 5 help increase the new Twitter users and searches made from Wolfram Alpha


On December 9, 2011

Apple finally implemented in iOS 5 the compatibility with Twitter so that users can now share links and images directly from Safari and Camera applications with the push of a button. Apple included in the iOS setup menu the possibility to login with a Twitter account but if you do not have one you can […]

Apple prepares a bigger iPhone and a smaller iPad


On November 29, 2011

The range of iPhones could soon receive a giant model, equipped with 4 inch screen. A bigger iPhone and a smaller iPad, Apple is currently preparing an iPhone that is quite bing (more like a tablet) and an iPad with an elegant design, smaller. The information was disclosed in a newspaper article published in Korean […]

Must have iPhone games


On November 27, 2011

The technology on the iPhone has increased drastically and it has allowed for a multitude of games with graphics as good as those in other dedicated gaming consoles. Here are some games that aren’t only fun but also put the iPhone to test.

iPhone 4S review: A closer look at the new device


On November 26, 2011

  The first Apple phone impressed by the concept of multitouch screen. The second brought us the long awaited support for high-speed Internet. iPhone 3GS increased processing rate and raised the iPhone 4 multimedia experience to a higher level (by implementing and launching the application FaceTime HD camera). Here, briefly, how each iPhone generation convinced […]

Here is how much will Siri eats of your mobile subscription


On November 10, 2011

Siri, the unique voice assistant from the iPhone 4S, to work needs a data network connection required for communication with the Apple servers. Have you ever wondered how much data traffic can the assistant voice “eat”?