iPhone 5 compatible with HSPA+ technology which allows web browsing at speeds of up to 21 Mbps


On September 29, 2011

The conference presentation of iPhone 5 will take place on Tuesday but until then we find that the new device from Apple would be compatible with HSPA+ standard that allows Web surfing at speeds up to 21Mbps. The information comes from a blog as a Japanese official said that China Unicom said in a presentation […]

IOS 5, iPhone 5 and the jailbreak solution may come with a discount


On September 18, 2011

Apple has not officially launched the new iOS 5 for idevice owners but in the beta versions of the operating system have been already discovered quite a few flaws, enough that many people from Chronic Dev Team have a solution ready for launch of the untethered jailbreak.

Best case scenario for iPhone 5 specifications


On September 17, 2011

Admit it, a lot of people would like to see massive improvements for the new iPhone 5 but it is sad to say that it may or may not happen because usually, Apple prefers to give out small improvements but market it out massively such as like the case of FaceTime. The technology was already […]

Apple is working on an iPhone compatible with TD-LTE networks


On September 15, 2011

Many expect an iPhone compatible with 4G LTE networks globally although there are really not many mobile operators who have implemented this standard on a large scale. Even if until now rumored that Apple may implement the 4G LTE technology in its future devices, here we hear now for the first time (from a reliable […]

Apple makes over 150,000 iPhone 5 products per day


On September 9, 2011

American company Apple is preparing for massive sales of iPhone next generation. According to Foxconn, Apple’s main producer, daily produced no less than 150,000 iPhones 5, which means a lot, write those from Dvice. The latest information that simply invaded the internet, Apple will launch the 5th generation of iPhone on 21 October.

Here are all updates of the iOS 5 beta 7 – Article updated constantly


On September 2, 2011

Yesterday Apple finally launched the beta 7 version of the operating system iOS 5 but the interesting part is that this new version comes less than two weeks from the previous one, sign that Apple speeds the testing process. In iOS 5 beta 7 we have the bugfixes from the previous problems but we also […]

How to: Jailbreak iOS 5 beta 7 with redsn0w 0.9.8 beta 7 on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (Windows, Mac)


On September 1, 2011

During this evening Apple released iOS 5 beta 7 for application developers for iOS, the operating system version brings quite a few changes. Dev Team yesterday launched redsn0w 0.9.8 beta 7, bringing compatibility with a new firmware version iOS 5 beta 6 for iPad that Apple change it without notice. The good thing is that […]

Apple preparing to launch an online diagnostic system for iPhone problems


On August 31, 2011

According to a French site right now Apple is working on an online system of diagnostic the devices problems, a system that would be officially launched in the coming months. The system can check the integrity of the device opened by clicking on a link in Safari, a link which operates an internal diagnostics system […]

VoiceKeys brings a new writing system from dictation in iOS


On August 30, 2011

VoiceKeys is a new tweak in Cydia released tonight by Ryan Petrich, Tweak Week initiator that has brought us so many interesting tweaks. VoiceKeys is a system of writing upon dictation using an internet connection and the write dictation system of those from Google to bring in iOS a way to dictate notes in various […]

iPhone 5 with 3.7 inch screen and with metal lid released this year?


On August 29, 2011

In the midst of rumors of the iPhone 5 launch with 4 inch screen, those from DigiTimes are now coming and turns all upside down saying that the iPhone 5 could actually have a 3.5 or 3.7 inch screen. The new device would maintain the shape of the bezel around the edges but will be […]