Apple patents a system that could provide information about objects while watching a video feed


On March 20, 2013

Apple today has registered a patent describing a iOS system that could display information about visible objects in a video stream. Basically iOS would recognize various objects that its feed displays them, and users could see information about them through pop-ups. The system would work with the terminal camera, such as straightening the iPhone to […]

The cheaper iPhone will have a 4-inch screen, being available in 6 colors


On March 16, 2013

The cheaper iPhone will be released later this year by Apple, and the device would have the same 4-inch screen like the iPhone 5 terminal, but also a slim plastic and fiberglass. Housing of the new device would be between 0.4 and 0.6 mm thick, about half the normal carcasses that are between 0.7 and […]

iPhone 5S would include a fingerprint reader and NFC chip


On March 11, 2013

Last week we told you that American analysts believe that Apple is going to implement a fingerprint reader in iPhone 5S and new information published today confirm this, but suggests possible implementation of a NFC chip. Apple is expected to use these two technologies to allow users to make mobile payments safe, the components combination […]

iOS 6.1.2 – last chance to make jailbreak for iOS 6


On February 26, 2013

After half a week of waiting, last night we finally learned that iOS 6.1.3 beta 2 blocks two exploits used for evasi0n untethered jailbreak solution and as soon as this version of iOS will be released we will not be able to jailbreak. Apple does not seem to speed up the release of iOS 6.1.3, […]

Apple produces the most solid smartphones, iPhones could be up to 300% more resistant than Samsung terminals


On February 23, 2013

Although it seems very hard to believe that Apple is presented by FixYa, a company that has a website dedicated to solving smartphone problems as the maker of smartphones that last longer. According to data collected from over 700,000 issues reported on its website, those from FixYa say that Apple produces the most durable terminals, […]

Explaining iOS 6 and the SHSH Myth


On February 20, 2013

I have noticed lately a lot of questions about SHSH‘s and the possibility to downgrade from iOS 6.1.x versions to lower versions of iOS 6 or even iOS 5, and while a few months ago we reported details of changes made by Apple, I will speak again about it. For starters I can say that […]

iPhone 5S – A7 quad-core chip with 2 GB RAM and iOS 7 with new features


On February 19, 2013

For most of it’s hard to think that Apple would be willing to implement a quad-core chip in the iPhone 5S, an image appeared on the Internet seems to us that Apple is preparing A7 chip, a quad-core processor for the next iPhone. The image below can be very easy to trick, and the mark […]

25 billion songs purchased from the iTunes Store


On February 7, 2013

Almost ten years ago, when Steve Jobs announced the opening of the online music store iTunes Music Store (iTunes Store now), the step taken by Apple was regarded with reluctance because the company had to struggle with piracy and ubiquitous availability of services such as Napster or Audiogalaxy.

Apple may be forced to acquire the trademark for the iPhone name in Brazil


On February 5, 2013

Few months ago we talked about a Brazilian company that holds a patent for the iPhone brand name and that Apple could be forced to stop marketing the device in that country. I also said that the company launched on the Brazilian domestic market an Android smartphone which is called iPhone, and now we learn […]

Apple has received 70% of the profits of manufacturers of smartphones


On February 4, 2013

Apple sold a record number of smartphones in the last fiscal quarter of last year and had $13 billion profit from all of their products, but if we talk only about iPhones, they generated 70% of the entire industry profit from all smartphones. Apple has managed to collect about 3 times more money than Samsung, […]