Downgrade from iOS 6 to iOS 5 might be possible in the near future


On February 1, 2013

Winocm is a hacker made known by the MuscleNerd in the day that iOS 6.1 beta 5 has been released by Apple, and he is currently working on a possible solution to downgrade from iOS 6 to iOS 5. The solution should work on any Apple device, yes including iPhone 4S, iPad 2/3, etc., but […]

Samsung vs. Apple: iPad decrease in popularity but remains the market leader


On January 31, 2013

Even if it is too good on innovation and if they lost what it was gained in recent years, Apple remains the undisputed leader in the tablet market. While the iPad remains a brand name with resonance in the ears of the buyers, the increase announced last year is below the market average, showing a […]

iOS 6.1 was released, the list of improvements is very short


On January 29, 2013

Apple released yesterday evening the 6.1 update for iOS software platform, it brings but few improvements and features. Compared with the 5.1 update, which brought enough news for major version 5.0, iOS 6.1 is only compatible to LTE version designed to improve and repair a number of vulnerabilities. iOS 6.1 expands the LTE support for […]

iPad 5 with iPad Mini design and an iPhone 5S version with 128 GB memory

Prompted by the unexpected success enjoyed by iPad Mini and rejection of the iPad classic now perceived as too bulky and heavy to be trendy the designers from Apple could launch an iPad 5 very different from its predecessor. In addition, four of the current iPad generation could get a version with twice as much […]

iOS 6.1 beta 5 was lauched by Apple and could be a Gold Master version


On January 27, 2013

iOS 6.1 beta 4 was to expire on Monday and while everyone waited from Apple an iOS 6.1 GM, here now the company has released iOS 6.1 beta 5 for developers of iOS applications. While talking about a called beta version, it is activated without the need for a developer account, and does not set […]

Here's a good way to make your iPhone safer


On January 25, 2013

For those who use a Passcode to their own device, or just want to have safer password, there is a good way that you can ensure that your passwords are difficult to guess or be broken. All involve removing normal letters and diacritics used in your passwords. iOS keyboard can also allow you to use […]

iPhone 5 iOS 6 jailbreak – The future looks bright, according to hackers


On January 23, 2013

In recent months we have all complained of lack of a jailbreak solution for iOS 6, iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad 4, etc., and we blamed the hackers that have developed it. Although there were people who said that the development process is difficult and hackers are working hard, in fact they have taken a […]

Apple could attack the mobile market with a giant 4.8-inch iPhone


On January 22, 2013

If the latest rumors are true, the giant phone fever seems to also include Apple, the company preparing to launch a record-sized iPhone model. According to sources close to the newspaper China Times, Apple could launch this year to 3 different iPhone models, one 4.8-inch screen size which places it somewhere halfway between smartphones range […]

iPhones sales recorded much higher than Galaxy S terminals in the past 3 years


On January 20, 2013

To highlight the success of the iPhone against Android terminals, an American analyst thought to compare the sales of Apple products and those of high-end smartphones from Samsung. He made a comparison from June 2010 to December 2012 and weighed the sales terminals: iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy SI, Galaxy S II, […]

iPad Mini 2 – when will the tablet with Retina Display be launched


On January 18, 2013

Apple will launch an iPad Mini tablet with Retina Display and an iPad 5 with thinner screen and lighter than the one from previous models, designed to convince with its portability, not just with its screen size and quality.