Bowers & Wilkins releases A7 and A5 with AirPlay


On September 24, 2012

Bowers & Wilkins is a respected name when it comes to sound systems but instead of creating a speaker system that would be messy especially with Apple’s two types of connection dock, they decided to incorporate AirPlay to their latest product. We are talking about the new AirPlay speakers which are the A5 and the […]

iOS 6 Jailbreak Update & Third-Party iPhone 5 Pin Adapter


On September 18, 2012

As usual, when there is any major release of the iOS operating system, people are anxious to get their hands on a jailbreak. However, for the iOS 6, there has yet to be any working jailbreak for the final or the Golden Master version of it. Expected to be released on September 19, early adopters […]

Last-minute rumors on iPhone 5


On September 12, 2012

The iPhone 5 is set to be released later today but a little bit of rumors won’t hurt much. In fact, there are some new things that we have found out in the blogosphere and it involves the docking connector, the Earpod as well as some added information on other devices that will be announced […]

Apple Redesigns Headphone for iPhone 5


On September 3, 2012

The headphones that were given to all iPhone users by Apple seemed mediocre and heavily priced as well. Suffice to say that at the retail price of the replacement product, there are many more great headphones that you can get as a real replacement. However, in the case of the iPhone 5, it is rumored […]

iPhone 4/4S mod kit store asked to close down


On August 24, 2012

A China based company has been selling modification kits for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S devices so that it would look a bit like the upcoming iPhone 5. It seems that it has garnered enough attention until it came into the attention of Apple itself. As a result, the business and the website which is […]

(PRODUCT) RED Bumper for iPhone 4S/4


On August 14, 2012

It seems that a lot of companies are already following the (PRODUCT) RED brand that was initiated by U2’s Bono. Products that are labeled as (PRODUCT) RED contributes to an AIDS elimination process in Africa. Big companies such as Dell already had a few products under the label but it seems that Apple is also […]

Cellhelmet case for complete iPhone care


On August 11, 2012

A case that covers accidental damages to your phone is certainly one that is worth to get and in the case of Cellhelmet casing for iPhone, it does exactly that. The company allows the user to send in their iPhone to repair for free if there is a damage done to the iPhone while the […]

Stabil-i iPhone Case/Stabilizer for Videographers


On July 29, 2012

Stabilizers are considered to be essential for videographers because they reduce all the dizziness related to camera shakes. Previously, there were stabilizers made for the DSLR cameras such as the Steadicam Merlin or the Flycam but it seems that those weren’t enough. The iPhone has a great camera but no stabilizers and thus a KickStarter […]

Apple to offer 30-pin to 19-pin connector adapter


On July 24, 2012

Remember how much we have been complaining about the new connector pin that will be used on the iPhone 5? It will be much smaller than the 30-pin that Apple has right now. With this being said and done, it will also make a lot of accessories useless unless there is an adapter for the […]

FLASHr case turns bezel to notification light


On July 22, 2012

There are plenty of case that looks good but FLASHr might be just one of its kind. It makes use of the notification light of the iPhone on its casing so that the user will notice any notifications that are present on the iPhone. With this being said and done, we are looking at a […]